How much money flights and gifts are being given to those advocating the woke propaganda and ideology locally?

If you want to know how does it work for you to get indoctrinated with the woke ideologies follow the money. The Daily Mail has reported that:
“The University of UtahMedical School lavished tens of thousands of dollars on expensive speakers to lecture about ethics in healthcare at its ‘diversity’ week last fall.

Critics have slammed the school for investing in speakers who ‘grift off academic institutions’ and spout pure political ideology.
The lavish expenses at the $35 000-a-year school comes as companies across corporate America lays off thousands of diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) hires. The ‘bloated’ hires have made lackluster gains despite generous budgets.”

The medical school’s administrators paid Daniel Dawes a public health expert about $15 000 in fees and travel expenses so he could speak at its series on diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) in November.

Additionally they paid actor and doctor Evan Adams of the Canadian First Nation’s Health Authority $3 000 to deliver a virtual seminar on indigenous health issues for DEI week.

The costs were discovered as a result of a public records request made by Do No Harm a group that fights for traditional medical practices. The group gave exclusive access to the documents.

Dr Stanley Goldfarb the group’s board chair said that the university “should be spending its money on something worthwhile.”

‘To indoctrinate its staff and its students in concepts that are pure political ideology isn’t fair to Utah’s taxpayers nor will it benefit the students.’

Dr Goldfarb added that a ‘whole industry of consultants has grown up to grift off academic institutions in the name of DEI.’

‘This nonsense needs to stop ’ he said.

“The documents show how Dawes an author and Covid-19 advisor to the White House received a $13 000 payout a first class flight hotel and chauffeured rides for his speech and for taking part in a forum.

His lecture was titled ‘The Political Determinants of Health and How We Can Change Them.’ It covered the political and social reasons that some Americans have better health than others.

Dawes has written two books 150 Years of ObamaCare and The Political Determinants of Health. He was involved in the creating parts of the Affordable Care Act and other federal government schemes.”

“The debate has been particularly heated in medical schools. Some institutions have controversially changed the oaths spoken by students to feature ‘inclusive’ language which has for some been cringeworthy.”

“The medical field has also been roiled by culture wars debates about sex-change drugs and surgery for transgender children and over masking vaccines and other public health moves during the pandemic.”

How much money flights and gifts are being given to all those who are advocating the woke propaganda and ideology locally?

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