“Now I have a quote from Mr. Manley P. Hall. Have you ever heard of Manly P. Hall? Manly P. Hall, the 33 degree freemason? He says:

‘It is the general opinion that revolutions begin with the common people, but this is not true. The benevolently informed always guide and direct public opinion.’

Now who’s one of the benevolently informed? This individual was one:

He [Albert Pike] was the sovereign pontiff of freemasonry and the author of ‘Morals and Dogma’. He told us in ‘Morals and Dogma’ that the Knights Templars were exiled, if you will, from Europe and from the Catholic Church because it was held that they worshipped strange gods – this god in particular, Baphomet, was one of them:

The Knights Templar, some people believe evolved, if you want to use the term, evolved into what we know now as current modern day freemasonry. You might say then that freemasonry at its core worships Baphomet. Whether you believe that or not really doesn’t matter. One thing we know: universal is freemasonry.

This is from ‘Morals and Dogma’:

And you can see freemasonry is everywhere. This is just one page. It’s in Northern Europe, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland; it’s in Germany, it’s in Berlin, it’s in Hannover. It’s all over the place. It’s in Southern Europe. It’s in Asia, it’s in South America.

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