“This is something I received not long ago: the newsletter called ‘Last Trumpet Newsletter’. This individual says: ‘Beware of the Promise Keepers Movement. Recently, there’s been a great stir in Sao Paolo fishing circles about the movement known as Promise Keepers which started in 1990 by Bill McCarty blah, blah, blah, which affected thousands, hundreds of thousands of those who claimed to be Christian. Pastors from all across the nation are insisting with the men of their churches to attend the Promise Keeper Conventions. These are strictly for men only. He says ‘I do plan to complete exposing this group and the new age but due to lack of available space blah, blah, blah, I must warn you clearly: I see freemasonry and witchcraft running through this movement, which has scheduled conventions in 13 major cities for this year. This movement now has attracted over 500,000 men to its ranks and expects to have one million.’ ‘God help us,’ he says. ‘This ecumenical apple is one that the Pope himself would love to pick.’

There is so much to be said about Promise Keepers but a small sample of what they believe is as follows: the Promise Keepers believe that as part of mentoring, every man must be accountable to some other man especially in the areas of finances, sexual life and relationships to God. This partner gained through mentoring then must be given complete freedom to inquire into any of these areas at will.

I thought that the the tie-in between the 13th and this 13 was especially interesting.”

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