In this series, I will be tackling a very informative and knowledgeable speech given by a former Satanist high priest about occult symbols. Although a few of the symbols are pretty obvious, you will be amazed at how many there are, which we think are innocuous and not occult at all. I had already dealt with the hexagram as an occult symbol as part of this speech in another blog, so I will not include it in this series.

“Now what I’m going to do is I am going to show you some symbols. These are occult symbols. And the reason for you seeing these symbols is you’re going to see them in Pokemon, you’re going to see them in video screens, you’re going to see them in a lot of the books that we’re going to go into, and you need to understand what it is that you’re seeing when you see it. Now I believe that every Christian has been given a certain amount of discernment. And what we need to do is ask our Heavenly Father to sharpen that discernment so that you get this into your spirit and you get this into your mind so that when you see it, I don’t have to tell you what it is. It’s like boom, all of a sudden you see it you go okay, that was that. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to start out with symbols and I’m going to share these with you.

Here’s the first one. This is the universal symbol of Satan’s churches. It’s called the symbol of Baphomet. Also the goat of Mendes. And you notice now it’s a five-pointed star, inverted. Two points up signifying the break with Christianity. This point down symbolizing that the center is hell or Satan. And it’s a circle within a circle. Notice that there’s a goat’s head inside this star. Now, many remember that in the Old Testament the scapegoat, when the people of Israel were told to put the sins upon the scapegoat and send it down the wilderness and that’s what atoned for their sins. Now, when you’re inducted into satanism, they tell you poor old Lucifer, he was kicked out from heaven by God, and all he did was ask why God had the throne. And so now that everything that you, you, you and you do, we have to blame it on somebody and we blame it on poor, old Satan. So he’s referred to as the scapegoat.

And you notice that there are keys going around the outside of the circle. This is actually a writing and it’s called a Enochian. It’s Enochian keys. It’s older than Sanskrit and it actually spells out a word and that word is Leviathian, which is the creature from the abyss, I believe in the book of Job.

So, this is the Satanic pentagram. When you see that, you know exactly what that is. That that’s the symbol of United Satanist Churches.”

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