“I’m Alan Watt standing in for Michael Herzog, who’s up to his eyes in work, as are we all indeed.  I’m going through some of the reasons why we’ve arrived at this spot in history, this time where things are changing rapidly and everyone in the general society is hoping secretly that things can go on—as they’ve been trained that it’s normal. Really, there’s nothing normal under the sun in this system. It constantly changes. The America of twenty years ago, the Canada of twenty years ago and thirty years ago are completely different to the situation today. We’ve been de-industrialized, a process that was decided at the first big NATO meetings after World War II, where Britain agreed to secretly industrialize and not tell the population. That’s now been admitted with declassified records out of London.

Of course, the generations that went through the de-industrializing process and all the misery it caused were not told any of this at the time, and after that was to happen an amalgamation of Europe was to occur, and that was planned back then in 1945. Then the United States was to amalgamate to with Canada and Mexico, followed by all the rest in turn, and you’d have a United States, which would also gradually be de-industrialized, although Latin America was to be built up by agri-food businesses to produce all the food, all the grown produce that we would need. However, it’s rather evident to anyone who’s studied economics that if you’re not manufacturing and you’re a service economy.  All the big top boys agree that a service economy is really like a dog paddling in the water until he can’t paddle anymore. He runs out of strength and stem and he’ll sink. It’s a temporary stop measure.

What’s to happen for the future?

The future is simple. The brightest of the bright (according to this whole New World Order agenda) will be hired by international corporations and they will travel across the world. They were to be the new nomads, the servants of the elite. This new high bureaucratic technocratic class, the crème de la crème, will find work wherever they’re told to in the world. The rest of them will either start leaving the country as the new boat people, according to Jacques Attali who was a big mover and shaker in the unification of Europe. The Americans are to be the next boat people looking for work abroad.

What happens to those who are left behind?

They’ll find ways of gradually reducing the population. They already have, if you haven’t noticed, the spraying above you and the massive increase in chronic bronchitis and lung diseases that it’s causing. This is all part of the same agenda of depopulation. They want the people in the rural areas to move first to move off and into the cities. The existing big cities are to be the habitat areas, according to the United Nations, where you’ll all live eventually step-by-step in rented accommodation. No private accommodation will be allowed down the road, and there’ll be no private transportation. That’s why you’ve never been given these hydrogen cars or the electric cars, and all the things they’ve talked about and done nothing about over the years. You’re only given vehicles while you lived in rural areas and traveled to cities where they had industry. Now that that’s gone you won’t need to travel, you see.

Our masters at the top are very, very efficient in these things; and they first saw this over a hundred years ago. They would gradually get you back into the habitat areas. Close down the rural areas by all means possible and you’ll all being living on top of each other in the cesspool of the city, the most abnormal way of living that anyone could have devised; and I mean that seriously, because the ancients knew this too. Plato said we would create cities (artificial beehives), which meant that everything that happens within a city must live on a system of economics, run on money, that money is the key to everything. It can’t feed itself. It can’t do anything for itself. Everything was brought into it. However, what you can do in such an artificial system is you give the inhabitants an artificial way of living, and you can literally alter their culture in any direction you want very quickly and the public never see it. They adopt and obey. That’s the tricks that were known thousands of years ago; and for those who want to know more, read all the writings of Plato. He was a member of the aristocracy of Greece. He believed he was a member of the elite and he spoke on behalf of the elite and their plans. As I say, there’s nothing new under the sun.”


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