Watching what the world has been going through since COVID-19, one cannot help but think that it is literally like watching a movie.

And considering that the Globalist Elites know really well how the psychology of humanity works, they know how the ‘actors’ will act in this movie, which they have produced and for which they wrote the script.

This site has warned from the beginning why it is important not to take sides, not only in anything they come up with, but in this case, the war in Israel. We always need to be a step ahead and ask, “How is humanity expected to behave by their standards?” If the answer is ‘Humanity is to take sides”, then we are to stop for a second and refrain from doing anything. Only in this way will humanity show that it is not buying their game.

But unfortunately, what was expected and what this site has warned about has happened.

The Guardian reported that “There has been strong support and sympathy for Israel from western governments and many citizens over the Hamas attacks, but the Israeli response has also prompted anger, particularly in Arab and Muslim countries.”

Thousands of people worldwide have gone down to the streets in pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel protests.

“Jewish communities in the US, France, and other countries held rallies on Friday in solidarity with Israel.”

“Tens of thousands of protesters rallied across the Middle East and in parts of Asia, Europe and the United States in support of Palestinians and condemnation of Israel.”

“In Turkey, crowds gathered outside mosques chanting against Israel and saluting Hamas.”

“A huge Palestinian flag was passed overhead at a protest in Rome, and demonstrations took place in other European cities.”

Some protests witnessed clashes either with the police or between the rioters themselves. For example, “in Nablus, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, youths set fires on the streets and clashed with the Israeli military.”

Is this all staged too, or was it the expected psychological reaction? Is this all political theatre?

This footage shows thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrating outside the White House.

This was the pro-Palestinian protest in New York City:

Pro-Israel and pro-Palestine protests were done in the Texas Capitol.

The police in Berlin blocked a pro-Palestinian rally after authorities banned pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

A pro-Palestine rally clashed in downtown Nashville.

In Times Square, New York City, pro-Palestinian protestors have clashed with pro-Israeli protestors.

In Paris, pro-Palestinian demonstrators have clashed with the police.

It is easy to organise a big crowd of people these days and the sheeple took the bait, so now we can continue killing each other for different colours and different flags. This is stupid, to say the least.

I hope that humanity understands where it is taking itself. I hope you understand where humanity is going right now.

Are there any good people out there who want to join this site to create world public opinion against any war? Is there any force for good left out there so that we can make a difference?

So far, what I see is the blame game. Can we unite and drive the world into one force, that of love?

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