In another blog, this site warned the readers when Bill Cooper warned us that they would make us blame the Jews.

And here it goes.

International media portals like the Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Times of Israel have reported how “the Star of David symbol was daubed on residential buildings in Berlin, where Jewish people live. Although “it was not clear how many graffiti incidents there were in total, photographs of at least three targeted buildings were shared on social media.”

“Israelis living in the city reported a rise in attacks and animosity from pro-Palestinian supporters following the devastating terror assault by Hamas from the Gaza Strip last week that killed some 1,300 Israelis. The onslaught, alongside a massive rocket barrage, sparked war with Israel, which has carried out intensive airstrikes on the Palestinian enclave. Meanwhile, Hamas and other terror groups have continued to shoot rockets at southern and central Israel.”

Nice! So now we have people turning against people. It is always the innocent who suffer at the hands of the few.

Why are we not blaming the Zionist puppeteers?

The anti-Semitic agenda will play nicely in the hands of the elite. My humble advice, out of respect and love, is to not attach to any flags and to never choose sides. We know how some flags have masonic symbols designed on purpose to control us. We should be knowledgeable about the hexagram occult symbol, which is present on the Israeli flag.

How humanity is behaving right now is stupid, to say the least.

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