Whether it is Labour or PN, it is propaganda. It is just another illusion of choice that you, dear public, is given.

We did have instances of this along the way, but now we have another proof.

In one of the cases in the driving license fraud scandal, the name of MP Beppe Fenech Adami was mentioned. But the mainstream media, for some ‘unknown’ reason [can you guess?], did not make a fuss and a headline of it.

Minister Ian Borg said that he had helped Nationalist MP Beppe Fenech Adami’s son. “This is Fenech Adami’s son. [Mobile number, name redacted]. So we give him a new [test] date please,” Borg said in an October 2020 message. Fenech Adami told The Times he had no recollection of bringing up these matters with Borg, other than “critically telling him that applications for driving tests at Malta Transport were taking months to be processed. I have never asked Minister Borg for any preferential treatment for my son and, as explained, he was surely never given such treatment. I never asked minister Borg to pass any details of my son to Clint Mansueto. I do not know and have never spoken to Clint Mansueto.”

Jaħasra! This is the well-known old trick – when their memory evades them. Dear readers, we have members of the opposition who either have poor memory or they are suffering from dementia. Then he added that all he remembers was telling Ian Borg that applications for driving tests at Transport Malta were taking months to be processed. And so? Was it a problem for his son to wait, if this is true? Moreover, then can Beppe Fenech Adami explain how come Ian Borg texted information about his son, asking for a new test date please? I am sure that Ian Borg had received more detailed information from Beppe Fenech Admai.

Ian Borg said that everyone speaks to him, and this includes Beppe Fenech Adami. But then in front of the camera, they make you believe they are fighting each other.

Oqgħod ċapċap poplu u mur trassas fil-mass meetings!

Oqgħod iġġieled poplu u għid li l-partit tiegħek aħjar mill-ieħor!

Oqgħod agħti l-flus fil-maratoni ġbir ta’ fondi, poplu, wara li qed tinstelaħ ħaj!

Qum minn hemm poplu għax donnu inti poplu li tħobb tissawwat! Erġajt sirt il-poplu tal-istorja, li rieqed raqda fuq is-sodda tal-apatija! Jew minn dejjem kont hekk?

Both sides make statements that you would like to hear, but rarely follow through once in office. I do not believe that any election will result in a significant change. They are, after all, one big family.

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