Was there another obstruction of justice in the fact that Carmen Cianter was cleared of alleged bribery allegations?

I was not at all surprised not even for one second when I read the news that the “police have formally informed Carmen Ciantar, head of the Foundation for Medical Services, that they have concluded exhaustive investigations into bribery allegations and there were ‘no grounds for any criminal action’ against her.” By some kind of magic, I anticipated and knew how it will finish. Either we have a lot of fake news so to dirty the names of our saintly politicians, including people working in their ministries, or we have people of fertile imagination who just fire names left, right and center, or we are dealing with fairytales which end with happy endings.

“Ciantar had suspended herself from her job when a Pakistani newspaper claimed she was the beneficiary of a bribe by people behind Vitals Healthcare when the company was negotiating the hospitals’ deal with the government.

Ciantar denied the claims, also pointing out that she was not employed by the foundation at the time. When she testified in a magisterial inquiry concerning the hospital privatisation deal and urged police to investigate the corruption claims.”

Are we talking about the same police force of Gafa of the €885,000 villa, to whom Ciantar wrote a letter where she had sworn that she will give her “total and unconditional” cooperation for the truth to emerge?

“She urged the police to investigate the matter in the shortest time possible.” Did you jot down the outcome of such investigation in water dear readers, on reading this in a past article? Did you tickle your belly? Are we talking about the same police force of the same Gafa who in a press release had stated that all those involved in Daphne’s murder were arrested? Are we talking about the same Gafa of the same police force who promoted a criminal to an inspector? Are we talking about the same police force where some police officers were passed on sensitive information by the Degiorgio brothers, but took no action, on instruction of certain important people? Are we talking about the same high-ranking officers within the police force mentioned by the Degiorgio brothers?

What are the odds that someone, again, is being protected in all this?

We also had the PN urging “the police commissioner to investigate all allegations made with regard to the hospitals deal.” This party is not only asleep, but dead.

When will Dr Fearne carry the can of all the corrupt administrative deals in which his name is always coming up?

Dr Fearne, I am going to ask you again: if the National Audit Report cleared your name from the VGH deal, and now Carmen Ciantar has also been cleared of allegedly receiving thousands in payments from a company linked to Vitals Global Healthcare, with Mark Pawley the former director of Gozo International Medicare, the company linked to these alleged bribery payments denying knowing her and recalling that he has ever met her, can the Maltese nation be told the truth for once when it comes to anything that pops up in your ministry? Or was it another ghost of another ghost story from Palazzo Castellania? Or are you all being victims of a frame-up? Was your ministry just mentioned by chance?

Ciantar asked “Now that the truth has come out, now that the institutions have worked, only one thing remains to be unearthed. Who were the well-funded dark forces who tried to execute this nefarious frame up?” We first want to know if this is the truth. Secondly, we want to know if there were bribery payments. Thirdly, if there were, to whom were they given? Fourthly, would it be better for the Maltese nation to know who are the well-funded LOCAL dark forces who are framing up the honest Maltese workers? And lastly, are the local institutions truly working when corrupt deals come out from the dark forces of this country, the same corrupt deals which happen to go about in the so-called heavenly places of power and governments?

“In an interview with Times of MaltaCiantar, who is a close political aide to Chris Fearne, had claimed she was ‘collateral damage’ in a ‘dirty campaign to try to discredit the deputy prime minister’.” I am sure the deputy prime minister of the pseudo-pandemic and lies, lies and more lies and fake statistics and of the deadly, experimental Covid-19 vaccines, happened to always be a victim on the receiving end.

Just out of curiousity Dr Fearne, this site has been informed that you were seen coming out of one of those beautiful villas in Wardija. Were you visiting a friend or a family member? Did you have a meeting? Are you living there by any chance? Or maybe you are just looking to purchase a new property for yourself or for a family member, and you happened to be going round, doing some viewings. Can you clarify please? I’m always curious, as I have also asked in another blog finance minister Clyde Caruana, to whom do these villas which are popping up quickly in Wardija, belong. Some people are so lucky to get high positions in a short span of time and get a huge increase in their net worth, that I am sure will help them gain a lot of materialistic and worldly material….

We are informed that Ciantar returned to continue doing her job as CEO last July, “saying the truth and her integrity had won over the massive and moneyed dark forces which tried to annihilate both.” Tickle your belly dear readers:

And the cherry on the cake is that we have the fairytale happy ending four months since the story of Ciantar receiving bribery payments first emerged: that the police have now put to rest the allegations after stating that the matter was “exhaustively and thoroughly investigated.” How was it exhaustively investigated?

I am sure even saintly Fearne is relieved. After all, the media had reported that even he had “appealed to the police and authorities concerned to investigate the issue.” Tickle your belly, dear readers.

So, what is the way forward now? Were there any bribery payments? Is this another story which will be buried, so that it is washed away from the masses’ brain cells?

Clearly, someone is being a law unto oneself so that we continue with the saga phase where corruption is done with impunity in broad daylight and goes unpunished in both the global and local stage where the masonic infiltration is complete at every tier of society.

Dr Fearne, are you a Freemason getting protection by any chance, so that I can continue checking and ticking the list of politicians who are in Freemasonry which I was given?

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