Thousands of migrants have crossed into the United States in recent days, from California to Texas, and many more are still arriving by bus and cargo train to Mexican border towns, following record migration flows further south.

The dramatic increase along the border, particularly in San Diego, California, and the Texas cities of El Paso and Eagle Pass, marks a turning point after numbers had plummeted in recent months, and could pose new political challenges for US President Joe Biden as the election season approaches.

In August alone, America witnessed more than 300,000 illegal migrants. Since Biden took office, it saw almost 4 million. As his administration grappled with this migration at record highs, last May Biden rolled out a new policy  to deter illegal crossings, including deporting migrants and banning re-entry, “a recent uptick in arrivals at the border, combined with vastly higher numbers of people on their way north across Central and South America and riding dangerous cargo trains through Mexico, suggest the early deterrent effect is wearing off.”

“Experts say the U.S. lacks the capacity to detain and process migrants at the border, often making it impossible for the administration to carry out the harsh penalties it announced in May.

As a result, some asylum seekers who cross illegally are being released into the U.S. with a future court date, rather than being deported – becoming success stories repeated back to migrants still en route.

‘The (Biden administration) hit on a smart strategy, but they don’t have the resources or capacity to implement it,’ said Andrew Selee, head of the Migration Policy Institute.” You can read more about this here.

It is clear that the American and the European natives are experiencing a cold genocide through illegal migration. Don’t you ever thought that African countries never experience influx of European and American illegal migrants but it’s the other way round?

And while this is happening, African countries are being robbed of their land by Blackrock, the world’s largest asset manager, as we will see in another piece.

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