What truly happened during the migrant caravan of 2018?

Firstly, buses and vans were deployed to transport all of these people from Honduras to the U.S. border.

For those who had flip flops, it was not a problem. They only had to come out of the van or the bus for a group photo.

In order to get as many people as possible, they were paid. The photos below were filmed on site by anonymous individuals:

Then, in order to be a player for the media, you give the main players a wrist band, all of different colours, different meaning, known by the reporters and the camera men.

Some people over-acted, but there was no police activity:

All this was made really convincing and made it to the world news report.

Here is Maria Meza, and her five children, who came from Honduras. She made it to every news item on the tell-a-lie-vision talking about her terror, how afraid she was for her children, and how her children’s swollen eyes were tearful because of the tear gas that the American border patrol so ‘viviciously’ threw at them. If you look at her pictures, you see the apparent flaws. None of her beautiful children showed apparent signs of tear gas.

In the below photo, Maria looks focused but not scared.

In the below picture, she and her children are the only ones in action!

Look at the smiling observer at the back. Do you see panic or tear gas? Do you see that the camera man is filming her only?

Do you see signs of tear gas thrown at Maria’s children in the below pictures?

Now have a look at the below picture. The camera men are standing in a line of smoke and yet they are not having any problems with that!

Somebody here is throwing a gas canaster. Doesn’t it look like a refugee? Isn’t there another observer near him who is smiling?

Maria had told the press that someone was back on the next day to get the canaster and showed it to the reporters. What a shame on the Americans to do that…..

Was Maria paid handsomely to act all this out?

Maria’s family was pictured on another day, getting out of the van, for yet another day of work in front of the camera.

No tear gas was used on the children. The canasters can be bought from various retailers and even from the police trading variety:

While they do produce smoke, they do not produce any harm, so much so, that even a dog can play with it!

Can we then conclude that President Trump’s statement at the time, was correct? That no tear gas was used on the children?!

The entire mainstream media coverage of this event was biased and flawed. The media should have been a bit more attentive to the details because refugees who walk thousands of miles, definitely do not look like those of the migrant caravan looked. They neither wear flip flops and they surely do not have brand new pink pushchairs.

They do not polish their nails.

They do not wear ironed shirts.

Neither do they have perfect haircuts and make-up.

When they say they have fleed their country because they are so poor that they cannot even buy food, then the media should not have showed them with digital cameras and mobile phones.

Look at the stage actors:

When you really want to know what is going on in the world, you have to dig deep and do the research. Only when you do, you can see what is real and what is not.

Migrant caravan was a staged event with a political motive. Who was behind it? Who financed such a big event? We will tackle this, in the next blog.

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