Fr. Charles Murr on the infiltration of Freemasonry in the Roman Curia – the Code of Canon Law

Joe McClane: “When one fails to do their job, or actively tries to destroy your organization, you usually fire them. However, in the Church, when we find snakes in the grass, we promote them. Why do we do this?”

Father Murr: “Pretty amazing isn’t it? I mean you I don’t know what you’d have to do to be kicked out. I have no idea. I would have said prior to this, you’d have to be a Freemason or something to be kicked out but evidently not, really not, you’re promoted.”

Joe McClane: “Which by the way it goes against Canon Law. No member can be a member of the lodge.”

Father Murr: “Absolutely it is. I’ll have you know, that when the first code came out, the new code came out, there was not a mention of Freemasonry. Not mentioned. And when that came to the attention of Cardinal Gagnon and Monsignor Mario Mourini and of quite a few others, they brought it to Ratzinger’s attention because Ratzinger was the head of the doctrine of faith, congregation of the doctrine of faith. Ratzinger himself handed it in, he put it in that nothing had changed, and made sure that that was in a footnote. It all stays the same. But, what I’m trying to tell you is, even in the Code of Canon Law, there were moves to sort of push it out of the way and just not mention it. When a man is elected pope, the first thing he is supposed to do is accept the resignations of all the heads of every department in the vatican, especially the secretary of state. Now, when John Paul I and John Paul II were elected, everyone presented his resignation, from the secretary of state right down. He rejected all of them. John Paul I said ‘Hang on. Wait for a moment. Let me get my footing.’ Well, that cost him dearly, to get his footing. It cost him his life. But when John Paul II was elected, he immediately reinstated everyone in his old position. ‘No, you just stay there.’ Look, noone as a leader, a president, or a king, whatever, you don’t take people of the old regime. Could you imagine Trump, for example, having won the election, and saying ‘I’ll have Carey as my secretary of my state and I have this, everyone from the Obama administration?’ This is absurd. This is absurd. You’re automatically opening with enemies.

There’s another part of this though that I want you to see. It’s the intrigue of the vatican. It’s fun to have people who you know are spies near you so that you can watch them and do a double spy thing. You see what I’m saying? It’s ridiculous but that’s what they do.”

Joe McClane: “I don’t know his apartment broken into, right? Like his report was stolen by people who worked for or at the Vatican!”

Father Murr: “His apartment was broken into ransacked. Also the safe of the congregation for the clergy, a safe, a safe, a steel safe was broken into in the document and was stolen from the vatican! It’s incredible! It’s incredible because there were a lot of people indicted in that, in that report!”

Joe McClane: “So, we see priests get cancelled, but bishops they get retired, even if they are 50 something. They just simply get retired.”

Father Murr: “Here’s the thing. You cannot rid yourself of a bishop. Priests are pawns. You can throw them away. But bishops no. Bishops are successors of the apostles. They are the magisterium. They are untouchable. And the people who are making those decisions, are fellow bishops. This is what drives me really crazy with the Code of Canon Law. Even with the new way of the Canon Law. It is a fantastic way to defend the rights of bishops. But anybody else wants to use the Canon Law to defend himself, good luck!”

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