The Pizzagate ‘conspiracy theory’ – on Alefantis, his lover David Brock and his foundations

The owner of Comet Ping Pong, James Achilles Alefantis, had an affair with David Brock, an American liberal political consultant, author, and commentator who founded the media ‘watchdog group’ Media Matters for America, described as ‘a progressive research and information centre dedicated to comprehensively monitor, analyse and correct conservative information in the US media.’ In other words, it is an organisation for censorship.

From where did Brock’s Media Matters receive funds? From none other than the billionaire, the elitist George Soros himself. It had received one million dollars, back in 2010.

Brocks had also founded Correct the Record, with the sole purpose being of censoring all negative reports about Hillary Clinton on social media.

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