Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel: on the German bishops and the rainbow flag

“Look at the Catholic Church. The church leaders of the Catholic church in Germany, if I grab one of those bishops I’ll shred them to pieces, for being proud and displaying their rainbow flag on their churches. Shame on such leaders! And I’m not talking about the Catholic Church. Please, I don’t want anyone to take what I’m saying out of context. I love the Catholic Church. The Church is holy when the Church adheres to the teachings of the Messiah and His disciples. The Church is holy. But the moment the Church veers off, even if it’s me, then shame on me too! You call yourself bishops, church leaders? Since when the Catholic Church embrace rainbow flags? You fools! You cowards! You traitors! Judas Iscariot is a saint compared to you. And if I was the pope, I would have decimated them all! Before they could even blink their eyes! Actually I don’t need to be the pope. I will decimate them. Just watch and see what’s going to happen to those leaders in Germany, just watch and see. Let them realize who Jesus Christ is. And to everyone who follows in their footprints. I told you I was upset. What has become of Christendom? In the name of love, in the name of freedom, in the name of humanity, we’re embracing Satan. I don’t embrace Satan. I step on Satan.”


The Church leaders of the Catholic Church in Germany must repent before it is too late! #fyp #fy #christianity #christian #god #jesus #bible #viral

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