When Pope Francis wore a rainbow cross

It was back in October 2018 when Pope Francis wore a rainbow-coloured cross. This has again raised eyebrows with Catholics, as it looked like related to the LGBT pride flag.

It was on 17th October when the Vatican News tweeted in Italian:

“Young people from Panama together with many synod fathers from Latin American delivered the World Youth Day cross to Pope Francis. The Holy Father greeted them joyfully and blessed them.”

However, according to some, this colour scheme on this cross has nothing to do with the LGBT pride and movement but it just happened to be, by pure coincidence, a symbol of Latin American Youth Ministry. The cross, which was developed by CELAM (the umbrella group for Latin American Bishops’ Conferences) and the organizers of World Youth Day of 2019, gave it to Pope Francis.

According to the CELAM site “the cross of the Latin American Youth Ministry carries with it the colours that represent the symbol of YM. Therefore, each colour represents a region within our ministry: Green: represents the Region of Mexico and Central America; Yellow-orange: represents the Caribeean region; Red: represents the Southern cone Region. Likewise, the shape of the Cross echoes the orientation of our continent. [i.e. Central and South America]. The colors represent the ecosystems that Latin America possesses: we have jungle, volcanoes, beaches and sea.”

But for many, this was an usual cross with such a colour scheme and the pope should never have accepted to wear it.

CELAM and the organisers could have given him a flag or a souvenir with such colours, no?

Some people did not buy this explanation, as the comments under the Vatican News tweet show:

So, here again, we have another context when gifts are being excused. A reminder that for this Synod on Young People, Pope Francis was accused of using a cross and staff that were respectively ‘satanic’ and proof of a pro-homosexual agenda.

For this case they told us that Pope Francis was gifted with the cross from a group of young people. In the above case, the excuse is that the colours represent the Latin American Youth Ministry.

Didn’t the Carbonari, in their Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita, state that they must aim at youth and they must seduce young people because it is necessary that they attract youth without realizing it, under the banner of secret societies? Is the Vatican aiming at seducing youth, but not in the proper, conservative Catholic way? Was the Alta Vendita’s instruction taken up by secret societies so that we are witnessing its main goal forming during these precarious times?

Is Pope Francis the pope with humanitarian principles that the Carbonari, in their Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita, aimed for?

Is Pope Francis the pope that the Carbonari wanted according to their hearts?

Is Pope Francis the pope whose portrait was described by the Carbonari in their Permanent Instruction, as one which will “establish the kingdom of the elect on the throne of the whore of Babylon?”

Have secret societies taken up the Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita, while infiltrating and hijacking the Vatican, so that the Clergy walk under the banner of secret societies, while they believe “they are walking uder the flag of the Apostolic Keys?”

Have secret societies taken up the Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita, and now have their finger on the successor of Peter engaged with their agenda?

Let us be reminded of what we find in the Permanent Instruction when it comes to the infiltration of freemasonry via the freemason clergy in the Catholic Church, who will then elect the Pope who will do their bidding:

“This reputation as a good Catholic and a good patriot will open to our doctrines the hearts of the young clergy and of the convents themselves. In a few years these young clergy will have, by force of circumstances, invaded all the offices. They will govern, administer, judge, will form the sovereign’s council, and will be called to elect the future Pope.This Pope, like most of his contemporaries, will necessarily be more or less imbued, he too, with the Italian and humanitarian principles that we are now beginning to put into circulation It is a small grain of mustard that we entrust to the earth, but the sun of justice will develop it to the highest power, and one day you will see what a rich harvest this little seed will produce.”

Is Pope Francis the pope that the Masons wanted: a pope who would be sympathetic to humanitarian principles of liberty, equality, fraternity and human dignity at the expense of Truth and at the expense of not honouring Christ?

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