When will local doctors speak up publicly against the vaccine industry and the Covid-19 vaccines?

Bertrand Russell, a British philosopher, mathematician, and an adamant internationalist, who lived between 1872 and 1970, had rightly stated: “Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.”

Brandy Vaughan, ex-Merck Pharma representative and founder of LearnTheRisk.org, who, was labelled an anti-vaxxer and was a local community activist in Santa Barbara, California, had clearly stated:

“Medical school should be renamed Pharma school. Doctors only learn to treat symptoms with drugs while ignoring the cause. Real health won’t be found inside a doctor’s office.”

She was also against vaccines in general and was against vaccinating children. “Coincidentally”, in the beginning of Covid-19, exactly on 7th December 2020, Vaughan was found dead by her nine year old son, in the bathroom, from “natural causes”.

Big Pharma just wants us to trust its “experts”, both those it funds to push the narrative and those it funds to push what looks like “anti-narrative”. Follow the money, and you would know them by their fruits. Try to follow the science, but you will get lost. Follow the money and you will find the science.

Believing a scientist and a doctor just because they are scientists and doctors, isn’t science or medicine. It’s fake religion without a moral compass.

As Jason Christoff had asked “Why does my doctor wear the same white coat as a butcher? Why do doctors not talk about healthy food, exercise, water, or sleep?” How often do you go to a doctor, and you are told to meditate for twenty minutes, to do some form of exercise for at least thirty minutes a day, to avoid processed food, to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables which are not full of pesticides, to spend more time in nature, to stay barefoot on soil so to ground yourself, to bathe weekly in the sea, to stop worrying about things you cannot control and ditch your t.v.? How many doctors have studied nutrition or preventive medicine?

Hence, my questions are:

When are we going to have local doctors speaking about the side-effects that these Covid-19 vaccines are procuring? What about the current patients there are at Mater Dei? What is happening? Is medical staff asking for their vaccination information?

When are we going to have local doctors who have diagnosed patients with health issues due to the Covid-19 vaccines, in their private clinics, speaking up?

When are we going to have local doctors speaking about the deaths that the Covid-19 vaccines are bringing about?

When are we going to have local doctors who expose the medical mafia and the pharmaceutical mafia system, whose boosters boost its profit? When are we going to have doctors admitting that the largest criminal fine in history was paid by Pfizer, when it paid $2.3 billion to settle civil and criminal allegations that it had illegally marketed its painkiller Bextra, which was withdrawn. This was the largest healthcare fraud settlement and the largest criminal fine ever given. And yet, no local doctor speaks up against this company and none of our local doctors has become suspicious of its ongoing medical products, let alone the Covid-19 vaccines!

In addition, when are we going have local doctors exposing the harm and damage of vaccines which are being injected into healthy babies? It was in 1966 when Dr. Henry Beecher stated “There is no right to risk an injury to one person for the benefit of others.” Why isn’t ‘settled science’ questioned?

Here is a short clip, with Polly Tommey and Dr Judy Mikovits. Dr Mikovits pulls no punches and drops many truth bombs. Dr Judy Mikovits, more than most, would know this, because she worked for the American government for years on HIV research, and knows first hand how evil these people are.

Can any doctor and any scientist and anyone out there vouch that the vaccines that we were all injected with when we were babies and children, are 100% safe?

Can any doctor and any scientist and anyone out there vouch that the vaccines that we were all injected with when we were babies and children, had safe ingredients? Does anyone know what the ingredients were?

Aren’t vaccines all bioweapons? We should all by now at least start to agree that vaccines are Big Pharma’ racket. Let us take the case of the smallpox and polio vaccines where mass vaccination was given the credit for wiping out diseases that were already being wiped out with adequate sanitation and cleaner, drinking water. In addition, vaccines do not have to pass a randomized, double blind placebo controlled trials, unlike other medication. Vaccines do not guarantee immunity but are classed as effective only when they create antibodies instead of protection. As of 2016, Big Pharma’s worth was that $55 billion worldwide. From 1986, vaccine companies in the US have been exempt from prosecution. It uses propaganda tactics, fearmongering lies and disinformation, targeting dissenters and ruining careers of any medical professional which speaks out against it. The government alphabet agencies are corrupt and run by criminals who all need to be brought to justice.

It has also published many fraudulent studies claiming that there is no link between its vaccines and autism, even though this has been disproved:

In my opinion, if anyone claims to be against the covid-19 bioweapon shots, but does not admit the same truths that Dr Mikovits clearly explains above, then they are not to be trusted when they talk about “solutions.” Clearly, college and university degrees have come to mean indoctrination rather than educated.

When medication procures side-effects in you, the doctor stops that medication. But when you take a vaccine and you blame that vaccine for side-effects, the doctor tells you that it is all in your head and that vaccines are to be trusted. The truth is that when people do their own research before buying a car or a house, they are considered as smart consumers. But when you do your own research, and speak against past vaccines, and refuse to keep on injecting your body with anything, you’re called a conspiracy theorist. And when you believe in your immune system, a healthy lifestyle and fresh air, you become the family wacko.

Everything in science should be questioned.

The truth is, that we were all born unvaccinated.

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