Weather manipulation: Former employee and tomographer Brooks Agnew explains how HAARP can cause earthquakes

Here is Brooks Agnew, an earth tomographer who worked for HAARP, explaining how the technology can cause earthquakes:

“In 1983, I did radio tomography with 30 watts, looking for oil underground. I found 26 oil wells, over a 9 state area and 100% of the time, it was accurate with just 30 watts of power in solid rock. HAARP uses billion watts being strated in the atmosphere for experiments. Picture strings on a piano as layer of the Earth, each one has its own frequency. What we used to do is beam radiowaves into the ground and will vibrate in these strings that were present in the ground. We then get a sound back and we say ‘That’s natural gas;’ with another sound we say ‘That’s crude oil’. We were able to identify each frequency. We accomplished this with just 30 watts of radiopower. If you do this with a billion watts, the vibrations are so violent, that the entire piano would shake. The whole house would shake. In fact, the vibrations could be so severe underground that it can cause an earthquake.”

This was back in 1983. Imagine the more advanced technology that HAARP possesses today, while it runs under the regulations of the US Air Force!
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