How the Satanic belief system views Christ, Christians and Christianity

Here is another part from the interview with Nikolas and Zeena Schrek by Bob Larson about the Satanic belief system. Notice again how it is very relevant to what is humanity going through right now.

Nikolas: “Christians love nothing more than to see suffering. So they can go and whine and moan and feel how good they are that they are helping people. It is a very morbid religion. They worship a God who is nailed and bleeding to a cross. Everything in the Bible drips with morbidity and death. And yet you accuse us of being morbid. If you want to be around dying and sick people all the time, then you have every right to, but we are not obliged to help these people. And as we move into the Satanic century, we’re going to see Christianity’s last gap. Maybe it is a greater evil, when all is said and done, to keep millions of people alive, who are not ever going to be productive, who are going to drain all of our resources, and create a stagnant world. Hitler was a master, full black magician.”

Bob Larson: “This is, Zeena, this is your father’s book, the Satanic Bible. And this is it. This is the book that has brought together thousands of people in your belief system. [reading from the book]: “I dipped my forefinger in the watery blood of your impotent, mad redeemer, and write over His thorn thorn brow ‘The true prince of evil’.”

Nikolas: “Isn’t that poetic?”

Bob Larson: “Do you believe that Zeena?”

Zeena: “I know you are taking it a bit out of context.”

Bob Larson: “I’m reading it, I mean I’m reading it. Zeena, you know what I’m reading.”

Nikolas: “By our standards, Jesus is the true prince of evil.”

Zeena: “When you read something from my own book, …”

Bob Larson: “Oh, I’m reading it first.”

Zeena: “Oh, why is that? Why can’t I choose things to read as you would choose things from your own bible?”

Bob Larson: “Well, because I am the person conducting the interview right now.”

[Reminder what Nikolas had said: ‘We have no regard for the masses. Satanism is a religion for the Elite.’]

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