The Introduction of the book ‘On the Masons and Their Lies: What Every Christian needs to know (Spiritual Warfare) – third part

“Still scared of losing everything I’d worked so hard for, I made one final appeal to God. ‘God,’ I cried out, ‘if I leave the fraternity I will have no friends. I will have no awards, no honors, no titles, and no social circle. Without Freemasonry, I will have nothing!’

I received a response, deep in myheawrt, as if God Himself were saying ‘No…you will have ME!’

With tears pouring out of my eyes, I humbly accepted my destiny. Later that night, I e-mailed the Secretary of my Lodge and informed him of my decision to leave. I am now free of the chains of Freemasonry, and have spent over a year trying to comprehend precisely why God wanted me to leave in the first place.

The book you are about to reawd is the fruit of those efforts. A large part of its evolution, from my early drafts as a Protestant to its completed form as Orthodox, resulted from my reading the letters of the ancient Church Fathers.

As I explored the writings of the early Church, one thing above all else became abundantly clear to me: the deceptions and heresies which exist in the world today are no different – either in substance or form – than what the Apostles and their students dealt with in the ancient world.

Fascinatingly, I found that many of the arguments I had written against Freemasonry had already been addressed and explored by the Fathers of Christianity. Though the name of Freemasonry had not yet arisen, the concepts underlying it most certainly had.

I began to realize that the same lies have popped up over and over again throughout Church history, each time requring a new generation of Christian apologetics to help guide the faithful and shield them from going astray.

As we read in Ecclesiastest 1:9, “What has been will be again, what has been done w ill be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

Therefore, what you are about to read is nothing new. I am not claiming to invent, innovate, or improve upon what has been said before.

Instead, consider this book to be an old teaching for new eyes. I am simply doing my part to help educate a new generation of Christians on the workings of the Enemy and his minions, that you may remain on guard against them in all their shapes and forms.

More specifically, I am writing to you in order to highlight the particular tactics they use to draw the mind of man away from the Light of Jesus Christ. It is my hope that what you are about to read will help you make sense of what you see around you, and that you may someday give this book to your children and grandchildren as necessity dictates.

I am writing as much for your edification, dear friend in Christ, as I am for the salvation of Masons who are ready to hear the truth.”

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