Dr Mike Yeadon – “Every Breath You Take: Big Brother’s Plan to Stalk You through the WHO” (5)

“[00:14:59] And [00:15:00] the third part is the mRNA technology itself, completely unsuitable for an all comer medicine. And it’s for this reason, it’s really easy. Your immune system is designed to attack things against your body that aren’t you. Put in another way anything that’s non self. Your immune system is really good at spotting that it’s non-self and if it spots it, it will throw in all the troops. It’s got cellular, chemical [00:15:30] and attack that entity to drive it out because it knows you’ve been invaded. What happens when you get injected with an mRNA that codes for a foreign protein, a spike protein from a virus, a non cell protein that every cell that gets that stuff, which I have said is formulated in such a way as to go all around your body, including concentrating your ovaries. In that point, it starts to make this non-self protein. Your immune system goes, Hello, I’ve got something [00:16:00] inside me that shouldn’t be here and your immune system attacks your own body. That’s one of the most fundamental problems with this technology. And any vaccine that they tell you is made using this new shiny technology, do not allow them to inject your children with it. Now, they are currently reformatting all existing vaccines in the mRNA format, and that’s why Pfizer and Moderna are opening factories all [00:16:30] around the world and governments around the world, including mine in the UK and New York in the US, has agreed business terms to acquire enough injections to inject every citizen in your country man, woman, child and baby ten times over.

[00:16:46] With materials like this, which I have explained to you, are designed to go everywhere in your body and to bring about an auto immune attack on your own body. So if you felt you had some side effects with some of these [00:17:00] injections, which I didn’t take, of course, because I could see they were going to be dangerous. But if you had some side effects or, you know, anyone else had some side effects. Now multiply it by ten times because I’m going to finish now. I think the combination of digital ID, which will become your I think it’ll become your one health digital passport. Why not? It’s got all your details on it, date of birth, who you are, where you’ve been and your vaccine status and your health status. [00:17:30] So if the W.H.O. says we’re going to have a one health passport, that means, oh, you’ve all got to have all of the injections. If you don’t have it, your digital I.D. becomes invalid and you can’t enter or leave any regulative premise. And like I said, everywhere can be regulated if they want it to be. So that’s the fight in front of us. And the way we stop this is by recovering the power of, No, I’m not doing this.

[00:17:56] And if enough of us say we’re not doing it, they can’t [00:18:00] win. They’ll only win if they persuade us. Almost like farm animals, like, you know, just to simply go along with what everyone else is doing. So I’ve given the last three years of my life to warn people this is what’s coming. But I can’t save you. Only you can do it. Anyone you know in your network that you think should hear this message, you must tell them I can never reach them. They’re not on this call. [00:18:30] And the mainstream media are never going to tell them the truth. It’s down to you. If you don’t do it, we will lose. Okay, so I’m going to stop. At this point, we’ve been lied to. I don’t think there’s been a pandemic. I don’t think respiratory, serious respiratory illness, pandemics are even possible. And vaccines would never have been an appropriate response, even if they’d been responsibly developed, which they have not been. And these specific ones is mRNA have been designed in such a way as to injure, [00:19:00] maim and kill, and they’re coming at you with more of them. So you decide if you’re going to believe CNN or if you’re going to believe this. This guy who’s given all his time, having been in the industry all his professional life, given what I’ve explained to you. So I suppose I will pause at this point.”

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