Letter from Malegari sent from London to Dr Breidenstein in 1835:

“We form an association of brothers over all points of the globe; we have common aspirations and interests; we all tend towards the emancipation of humanity; we want to break every kind of yoke, and there is one we do not see, which we barely feel and that it gravitates over us. Whence does it come? Where is it? Nobody knows, at least nobody says. The association is secret, even for us, veterans of secret associations. Things are demanded of us which, sometimes, they straighten the hair on their heads; can you believe it? they send me from Rome that two of our people, well known for their hatred of fanaticism, were forced, by order of the supreme leader, to kneel down and receive communion last Easter. I do not reason about my obedience ,but I would like to know where similar cappuccinos will lead us”.

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