HAARP is not another conspiracy theory. You can find their website and definition online. The acronym stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program which is a University of Alaska Fairbanks program which researches the ionosphere – the highest, ionized part of Earth’s atmosphere. In laymen words, they study microwave antennas by shooting low frequency pulses into the ionosphere to induce concentrated heat and ‘space-quakes’ which reflect back down to earth.

They sell you one thing. They sell you the lie that it is just a benevolent experimental program for scientific advancement. In reality, it is another thing.

In fact, it was already back in 2014 when Senator Murkowski asked questions about the impending dismantling of the HAARP facility in Alaska, which takes up to $5 million a year to keep it running ‘for academic research’. During this defence hearing, the US Air Force admitted of using HAARP to manipulate and modify the weather.

“I wanted to ask a question, a couple of questions here, about HAARP, the high frequency, active, auroral research program. Several of you at the table have a little bit of a piece here. As you know, this is located up in Alaska. It’s currently funded by the Air Force Research Lab. It was formerly funded by the Office of Naval Research. One of the prime customers is DARPA which is currently running experiments at the facilities here. So, I have questions to several of you this morning. I’m told by the president of the university of Alaska that the Air Force has pulled its support for the facility and they’re taking steps to demolish it or take it down this summer. He’s making the argument that there are other opportunities for us and he’s trying to find a path where the university might be able to take title to the facility. I like to start with you Dr Prabhakar. I understand that a lot of folks here on the committee probably don’t understand what HAARP does. I think most Alaskans don’t really know what HAARP does or why the agency is involved in it. So, a very brief explanation, and then a more direct question: ‘Would you be disappointed or would you lose something if HAARP were to go away?'”

“Senator Murkowski I think you know that one of our programs has been using the HAARP facility for the research that it’s pursuing and my understanding is that we did get value out of that interaction. The pianned DARPA is projects and we’re not into the business of doing the same thing forever, so very naturally as we conclude that work, we’re going to move on to other topics. So, it’s not an ongoing need for DARPA despite the fact that we had actually gotten some good value out of that infrastructure in the past.”

“Understood. Then to Dr Walker and Mr Schaefer, then, Dr Walker, your agency is currently running the facility. I’ve mentioned that it’s our understanding through the president are that plans are to move forward and demolish the facility this summer. So, the question to you is ‘Is that accurate? Can you explain why?’ And then, perhaps to both of you and Mr Shaefer, ‘Is there any benefit in exploring a potential relationship with the University of Alaska to perhaps take over the holiday.’

‘Thank you Senator. The Air Force has gotten great value out of HAARP in the past. We took over from the Navy and managed it and actually did a number of experiment campaigns up there and have finished our work that we’re interested in doing up there. We’re moving to other ways of managing the ionosphere which the HAARP was really designed to do was to inject energy in the ionosphere to be able to actually control it. But that work has been completed. The Air Force has maintained the site for other government agencies to use for several years now and with DARPA completing their project, that’s our last government customer that we have in the site. We have put out a call government-wide for other agencies that had interest in managing the site or taking it over including going out to academia and seeing if there was any interest there. We have gotten interest from the university in Fairbanks. However, the interest we had is that they will run it if we fund it which is unfortunately, this fiscal environment we’re in right now, this is not an area that we have any need for in the future. And we don’t see that it would be of any good use for the Air Force SNT funds in the future. So, our position has been that if there’s not somebody who wants to take over the management and the funding of the site, then the AIR Force has no future need and that we do plan to do a dismantle of the system in the future after we make appropriate notifications.”

“When you say in the future, do you anticipate that it would be this summer then or were there perhaps be more time for the university to try to figure something out?”

“We would prefer to start this summer. We would like to get the critical equipment out of the site before the winter, the harsh winter in Alaska does lead to a very costly winterization to maintain the site. Would like to avoid that if we can.”

“Mr. Schaffer, do you have any comments on that?”

“Yes, madam. So, I’m torn on this because my background is as an atmospheric scientist. And I think that the facility is a world-class facility. That said, we’ve worked very hard with the Air Force, with the Office of Science and Technology Policy over the last 18 to 24 months, to find another sponsor for this, because it really, as you’ve heard the other people at the table, we the department have gotten the research value out that we need for the facility. We’ve also worked with University Alaska Fairbanks to get some other person to pick up the long term, just pure scientific research that HAARP offers the promise of, but with all the other issues and problems and challenges facing the department at this time, we just don’t see that that investment, over a long term period is where we would prioritise our investment. So, we support, we’ve been working with other agencies, trying to get agencies like National Science Foundation, Department of Commerce who runs the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration to pick up the HAARP facility. No one else wants to step up to the bill, madam.”

And yet, the HAARP facility is still running, up to this day. Please note that controlling the ionosphere is the same as controlling the weather. They excite air molecules with low frequency waves making water drops to dissipate. And this is scientifically proven. Do you think that the facility carries out research or do you think that it does more than that at the backdoor?

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