A former high-rank Freemason attorney John Salza on the Universal Rituals of Freemasons and how their Grand Architect of the Universe is Satan

“In the first degree of freemasonry and these rituals are rituals that are universal. All men who go into freemasonry experience what I’m going to tell you. In the first degree, the candidate for freemasonry was required to strip down, take all his clothes off except his underwear. But that’s not all. He’s also required to remove his crucifix, his scapular, even his wedding ring. Because as the ritual specifically says, a man is to take nothing, quote “offensive, or defensive into the lodge.” Offensive because Catholicism offends freemasonry and defensive because they want the men vulnerable. They do not want him to have a spiritual offense.

Also, a noose is placed around the man’s neck. And this noose symbolises his attachment to the profane world, his former religion. You will see that that noose is removed when he finally enters into the covenant with freemasonry.

A blindfold is also placed on his eyes, and he is declared to be in a state of spiritual darkness. They said this is Mr John Salza who’s long been in darkness and now seeks to be brought to light. Well, I only had the blindfold on for a couple of minutes. They were obviously talking about the fact that even though I was baptized into the light of Jesus Christ, I was in a state of spiritual darkness.

And then when a man comes into the lodge he’s received on the point of a sharp instrument, piercing his naked left breast and they say that as this is an instrument of torture to your flesh, so should the recollection of it be to your conscience should you ever violate your secrets in freemasonry. This is an intimidation tactic that’s used even in Satanic rituals. Freemasonry sets the tone early right away that this is a secret organization. When the candidate is escorted into the lodge, he is caused to kneel and attend to prayer. And here’s where he now begins to be conditioned to view God as the deity of any and every religious faith. Freemasonry prays to a god they call the grand architect of the universe under which you can find, according to masonry, all the gods. So, even though Saint Paul says that Jesus’s name is the name above all names, freemasonry says that God is the nameless one of a hundred names.

Saint Paul teaches that we cannot be yoked together with unbelievers. We know the spiritual axom lex orandi, lex credendi. That’s because if we pray with masons we will begin to believe like masons. Masonry not only evokes deity in prayer, but it also has unique symbols and names for God.

I mentioned the grand architect of the universe. In English-speaking lodges, the god of masonry is represented by the letter G. And in the masonic bible which they give their initiates which is a King James translation of the bible with its own masonic appendix, it says that the letter G represents, quote “the great god of all Freemasons.”

The god of masonry is also represented by the All-Seeing Eye which is clearly a pagan symbol going back to Osiris.

And every mason is required to bow in an act of idolatry to these symbols, in masonic rituals. So, freemasonry through the use of these unique names, unique symbols and unique prayers, seeks to unite men into a spiritual brotherhood and also the deities of all these religions into a spiritual godhead. This is a monstrous form of syncretism.

Because the god of masonry is not the Holy Trinity. It is a false god and it is an abomination before the true God as Saint Paul says there are many gods and there are many lords but only one true God and one Lord Jesus Christ. David tells us in the Psalms that all the gods of the nations are devils and hence the god of freemasonry is the devil.”

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