Paedophilia and pizza codes

Do you remember the series of articles about the Zulock gay couple, who were arrested for sodomizing and pimping their two adopted boys? It happened that back in May 2018, during one of the family’s excursions to a Gulf Shores pizza place, “Zachary had drawn a rainbow circle around a portion of a children’s menu for kids ages 12 and under that jokingly quipped: ‘Children Unattended Will Be Sold as Slaves!’ with his caption ‘Also with [the boys].’

“Zachary also posted a questionable photo in August 2020, captioned: ‘Waiting for #pizza.’ According to journalist Andy Ngo, the phrase could be a dog whistle for pedophiles seeking child exploitative material. Reports say child predators have typed “cheese pizza” as code for child pornography, and pizza emojis are reportedly used to find, sell, and trade images of child sexual abuse.”

Why is this of importance for this article? It happened that The New York Post has published an article titled “Ex-ABC News reporter James Gordon Meek to plead guilty in child porn case”. The article reports how 53-year-old James Gordon Meek, a former ABC News reporter, is scheduled to enter a guilty plea later this week in a case accusing him of exchanging child porn content and sending disturbing messages about his alleged perverted desires. The once-famous journalist was charged in February, roughly ten months after the FBI raided his Arlington home and seized his electronics on April 27, 2022. The investigation was launched after Dropbox notified authorities that child porn was being stored on Meek’s account. An FBI agent said in an affidavit around the time of Meek’s arrest that the feds discovered three conversations on his phone expressing his desire to sexually abuse children.

“The agent also saw that Meek allegedly had received and sent photos and videos of child pornography and a troubling message asking another user, ‘Have you ever raped a toddler girl? It’s amazing.'” “Meek also allegedly talked about his fantasy of “abducting, drugging, and raping” a user as a 12-year-old girl. The feds say that Meek also hoarded child porn images and videos on his other electronic devices and he’d had conversations with minors on chat platforms.”

What is interesting is that Meek worked for the New York Daily News in 2006 to then shift to work with ABC news in 2013.

“He also served as a senior counterterrorism advisor and investigator for the US House Committee on Homeland Security starting in 2011. And he won an Emmy award in 2017 for breaking news coverage of the Pulse nightclub shooting.”

Didn’t this site publish articles about a paedophile ring that can be traced back to people in high positions and the Elite?

So, what do the Zulocks and the pizza language have to do with Meek’s arrest and story? The link is that the New York Post original article was titled:

Can you come up with any reason as to why the original title was amended, removing the ‘pizzagate’ theory? Isn’t it intriguing when someone who “debunks” a child sex trafficking/murder ring, like the ‘pizzagate’ theory, pleads guilty in a horrific child porn case?

So, since it is time to revisit such “debunked” stories or theories, in a future piece, I will also tackle the ‘pizzagate’ theory, dumbed as another ‘conspiracy theory’ but let us first go through the symbols used in paedophilia.

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