Jessica Marie Hann, a transgender woman who murdered both of her children, was released from death row and will receive taxpayer-funded breast implants in a California women’s prison.

Jessica Marie Hann, born Jason Michael Hann, was sentenced to death in 2014 for the 2001 and 1999 murders of her 10-week-old daughter Montana and her two-month-old son Jason. Hann was found guilty of the murders of the two children after their decomposed bodies were discovered in storage units in Arkansas and Arizona.

“Reduxx reported that Hann was originally held on death row at San Quentin following his trial but was transferred to Central California Women’s Facility after she began to identify as a women.  After California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered a halt to the death penalty in the state, Hann was allowed to move into the general population and is now reportedly awaiting a tax-payer subsidized breast augmentation, according to the outlet. “

10-week-old Montana’s badly decomposed remains were discovered in a Tupperware container in February 2002, four months after being abandoned in an Arkansas storage facility. Mann and her partner Krissy Werntz were living in a trailer at the time and had hidden Montana’s remains beneath their bed. The two then rented a storage unit to keep their trailer, which was then auctioned off after the rent was not paid. The buyer of the unit then discovered Montana’s remains while emptying the container. According to court documents, her hand was visible and her head was completely wrapped in duct tape. Montana’s autopsy revealed that she had suffered skull fractures caused by “severe” trauma. Her left tibia had also been fractured, according to the Arkansas medical examiner, and it was caused by bending or twisting her leg as if she were attempting to break a pencil.

This discovery prompted police to conduct a nationwide search for her parents, and the trailer’s license plate was traced back to Hann. Police arrested the two and took the child after they were discovered living in a hotel in Maine with a one-month-old named Michael. Michael was then placed in foster care, and according to court documents, he was in poor health at the time. He was later admitted to the hospital, where it was discovered that he had thirteen rib fractures, in addition to fractures in his legs, both knees, and one of his ankles. Following a CT and MRI scan, doctors discovered Michael had a brain bleed caused by violent shaking on multiple occasions.

Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies searched a separate storage unit in Lake Havasu, Arizona, just a day after their arrest in Maine. Inside, deputies discovered two-month-old Jason’s remains in a storage compartment beneath a bench.

Authorities discovered his body inside a black nylon bag wrapped in seventeen plastic trash bags lined with air fresheners. Jason’s birth certificate and other paperwork linking him to Hann and Werntz had been left in the trailer. An autopsy of his remains revealed that he had a fractured rib, consistent with being grabbed and shaken.

Hann was sentenced to 27 to 30 years in prison in February 2006 for her son’s death, with his daughter’s murder being tried separately.
She was sentenced to death in 2013 for killing Montana and leaving her body in a storage unit. Hann claimed at the time that he never reported the deaths because he and Werntz were wanted in Tennessee on a fraud charge.

Werntz was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for her daughter’s death but escaped charges in her son’s death. Werntz testified during the trial that she was subjected to significant duress during their relationship and that Hann threatened to murder her if she went to the police. Werntz was also being held at the California Women’s Facility, but he was allowed to leave after Hann was released.

So, now, this transgender murderer who murdered both of her/his children and stuffed one of their bodies into a Tupperware container will be given breast implants paid for by taxpayers. This man murdered his two children but is now receiving breast implants and being released from death row due to his transition. Clearly, the system is corrupt.

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