Another crypto luminary died: Fernando Perez Algaba was shot and found dismembered in a suitcase.

In a past piece, I have tackled how The Economist, had warned us of crypto’s downfall. In a following piece, I asked why did we have three crypto millionaires who died in a few weeks within each other.

Now we had another death of a crypto millionaire, this time of the 41-year-old Fernando Pérez Algaba. Besides being a crypto millionaire, Algaba (knicnamed Lechuga for lettuce) described himself as an investor who also sold and rented luxury vehicles. He had 918,000 followers on Instagram “where he flaunted his luxury life of high-end cars, jet skis and exclusive parties.”

How did he die? He was murdered. According to the autopsy, Algaba, was killed with three gunshots. His body was then mutilated, put in a garbage bag and stuffed in a red suitcase which was dumped in Ingeniero Budge, Buenos Aires.

It was on 23rd July when two children who found the abandoned suitcase with the mutilated corpse inside in a stream, while playing football.

Algaba was reported missing since 19th July, since “a woman told the authorities she had arranged to meet with him on July 19 to hand back the keys to the apartment he rented to her. However, he had failed to show up.”

His mutilated body was found days after he “had posted a series of cryptic messages about ‘evil people’ who repaid kindness with hate.”

“When crime scene investigators arrived at the stream, they first found Algaba’s forearms and legs. With the help of a machine used to remove waste from the water, they then recovered a complete arm. A four-letter tattoo on a hand confirmed that the remains belonged to Algaba, with fingerprint analysis later providing further confirmation.”

“Local media reported that the body parts were cleanly amputated, suggesting it could have been carried out by a professional.”

Was he murdered because of a personal issue or a business gone wrong or was he another victim of the forewarned crypto downfall?

Is it another coincidence that we have to add another death of a crypto millionaire together with the other three?

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