The Economist predicted digital money in 1988 and is now predicting Crypto’s downfall.

The Economist which in my opinion is a Masonic publication funded by the Elite has been giving us predictions since its birth.
In 1988 it predicted world currency in the form of digital money:

Today specifically in the November 19th to 25th issue this same magazine predicts the end of cryptocurrency:

So we might as well ask was crypto a means to an end instead of a saving mechanism of humanity? Could it be that the Elitist banking families needed another mechanism to be accepted by the public so that the masses get used to the concept of the Elite’s introduction of a digital money system operated by the same banking families? In addition for there to be worldwide acceptance of such technology you must sell the belief that it is a good thing for the public and the people and that it is not another controlling mechanism of the banking cartels. Otherwise people would smell rats and go nowhere near such a thing.

Was crypto inflated on purpose and allowed to flourish for a number of years so people made money only to later realise that they had been played?
Was the technology used for crypto pushed to cloud judgment? Was it all a deceptive game by the New World Order? The World Economic Forum has often reiterated the importance of digital money and blockchain to achieve their goals.

This is one of the many current agendas that assist each other in achieving the ruling classes’ vision for the New World Order. The age of digital tracking ID alongside a social credit system to reward the morbidly obedient citizens.

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