Is pushing the suicide narrative for the sudden, unexpected deaths of people that it has become a daily obituary of?

If you happen to have a day off, or some time off, put on the Facebook page of and start counting how many daily articles does it come up with of people who have perished. It has become an obituary!

Because, three years ago you were bombarded daily with the number of daily Covid deaths, but now you either don’t hear anything, or it is reported as one of the many, with no details whatsoever or else you are told that doctors are baffled. happened to be very uncreatively repetitive: “Bosta maħsudin bil-mewt ta…” [Many are shocked with the death of…]

Now, it has taken the narrative up to a different level with its article titled “Lots of suicides are happening. The mind can play games – words of encouragement are going round on Facebook.”

The short and sweet, uncreative article reads:

“A message is circulating on Facebook to encourage anyone, and maybe save him.

The message reads: ‘Many suicides are taking place. It can be anyone who is going through a bad period in their life. Everyone’s struggles are different.

‘Unfortunately the mind plays with us a lot and makes you feel that you are alone, that no one loves you… But that is not the reality…’

That’s why it’s important that when you feel like that, you SPEAK UP. There are many who love you and will help you.

Take care of yourselves and those dear to you! If you need help call 179 or go to the site”

The amount of deceit that is going on is truly disgusting! Since when are we now suddenly concerned about suicides and speaking about them openly, especially in the media? Usually, suicide deaths were never pointed at or mentioned in the media, so not to influence those who are suicidal.

Can sites like and other welfare institutions inform the nation how many more calls are they receiving from vaccinated people who started suffering from psychosis after being injected with the experimental, Covid-19 vaccines?

Shall we do a national survey, run privately, and not by the government, where ALL those living on the Maltese islands are asked the same number of questions, so that we come up with an unbiased, statistical information about:

  1. How many of those dying are vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine?
  2. How many doses of the same vaccine did those who died, take?
  3. When was the last dose taken?
  4. What side effects were experienced?
  5. How many of those dying took the third booster in one arm and the flu vaccine in another arm?
  6. Is there any of those who died who took the forgotten monkeypox vaccine?
  7. How many of those dying committed suicide but were also vaccinated? We have read how the same vaccine is also creating psychosis.
  8. How many of those dying were suffering from serious health issues like cancer, but which aggravated after being injected with the experimental Covid-19 vaccine, which then, led to their death?
  9. How many of those dying were declared free from cancer or any other health issue, but which then experienced their aggressive return after taking the Covid-19 vaccine and ended up perishing?
  10. How many of those who are dropping suddenly dead are vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccines?
  11. How many of those dying are not finding medication or a cure for the health issues that the Covid-19 vaccines caused them, which hastened their untimely death?
  12. How many who are dying are not vaccinated?

Only then, we can do the talking about this huge rise in deaths in people of all ages without pointing at suicides and other reasons, because as usual, the elephant in the room is being left in the closet.

And, like the rest of the mainstream media, should start doing some investigative journalism.

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