A Former high-rank Freemason attorney John Salza on the Universal Rituals of Freemasonry, the Apron, Resurrection, Gnosticism and the Mockery of Christ.

“This cult of man continues when the mason is presented his white apron. You might be familiar with masons wearing aprons in their rituals.

And the mason is told that the white apron represents the purity of life in conduct which is essentially necessary for him to gain admission into the celestial lodge above. He’s also presented with a common gavel, a hammer, which he’s told that in the olden times where operative masons used to use the gavel to chip off parts of rough stones. He’s told by his own natural efforts, that he can perfect himself and make himself worthy for God as a living stone for the spiritual building of heaven. Of course, the Council of Trent condemned this notion that man can do anything spiritually beneficial by his own natural efforts. This was an anathema and hence the teachings of freemasonry, are anathema.

In the Master Mason degree, which is the third degree of freemasonry, masonry teaches its most sublime doctrine – the resurrection of the body.

And in the masonic bible, I quote it says, “the resurrection of the body constitutes an essential dogma of the religious faith of freemasonry.” In this degree, which is called the legend of the third degree, often called the Hiramic legend, the candidate participates in an allegory. He’s caused to represent a person named Hiram Abiff, who historically did work on King Solomon’s Temple but this legend is created. It’s a fiction. It’s something that masonry made up.

And essentially the candidate is said to have secret knowledge, gnostic knowledge, that fellowcraft masons are seeking from them.

And inside the lodge room he’s accosted, he refuses to give up masonic knowledge and he’s martyred. He’s literally hit over the head, he’s caught in a sack, he’s told to lay down and symbolically, he’s murdered. Well, King Hiram looks for the body and to make a long story short, it’s eventually discovered by virtue of a green sprig of Acacia that’s planted next to the grave.

And in the ritual, it says that Hiram Abiff was executed outside the gates of the city, like our Lord, a mockery of our Lord’s death. The masonic ritual also says that Hiram was buried on the brow of a hill west of Mount Moriah, again, a mockery of our Lord. The ritual also says when they approach the dead body, in ceremony, they make what’s called the Hand Grand Hailing Sign of Distress and they say, ‘Oh Lord, my God, is there no help for the widow’s son.’ Is there no help for the widow’s son? The widow is our Lady, and the son is our Lord Jesus Christ. This is a satanic parody of the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord.  After the candidate is then raised up by the worshipful master, he tells him that this symbolic raising testifies to freemasonry’s belief in eternal life. And when the man literally dies his natural death, he can have a masonic burial service in which he is clothed with his masonic apron similar to a baptismal garment in all of his masonic brothers deposit that sprig of acacia by which Hiram’s body was found. They deposit that on his chest and then they command his soul up to the grand architect of the universe.”

[Above: the emblem of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York portrays two angels with hooves. Isn’t it the devil that has hooves?]

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