has become an obituary of sudden and unexpected deaths. This site asks relatives to come forward with details of the vaccination status of their loved ones who have died or are suffering healthwise after taking the Covid-19 vaccine. has become an obituary of all those dying suddenly and unexpectedly. Here are a few articles:

There are many more of course. One only needs to visit the Facebook page of to come across articles announcing deaths of various Maltese citizens of all ages.

This site would like to take this opportunity to ask relatives of those loved ones who died suddenly and unexpectedly to come forward with information about: if they were vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine what brand were they given how many doses did they take when did they take it and what caused the death if known (for example heart attack). It would be appreciated if we are sent a screenshot of the Covid-19 vaccine certificate of your loved ones. Your anonymity will be respected.

This site would also like to take this opportunity to ask all those whose personal health or whose health of their loved ones deteriorated after taking the Covid-19 vaccine to come forward. The information required is how was health affected if there was any underlying condition which got worsened and if the health of your loved ones deteriorated to the extent until their life faded away. The same request for a screenshot of the vaccine certificate is required. Your anonymity will be respected.

My sincere condolences.

In Christ, thank you.

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