What are the perils of 5G that Minister Silvio Schembri is too busy to tell you? – part one

What are the perils of 5G that Minister Silvio Schembri is too busy to tell you? 5G was anticipated to be 100 times faster than 4G enabling the development of cutting-edge technologies like connected cars and augmented reality. According to Henk De Feyter Ph.D. an assistant professor of radiology and biomedical imaging at Yale School of Medicine in New Haven Connecticut the radiofrequency used by 5G is higher than that of 4G and 3G. That is what distinguishes it. However he claims that other than that the technology functions in the same way creating electromagnetic waves to transmit and receive information. Emissions of electromagnetic radiation result in areas of energy known as electromagnetic fields or EMFs. Both ionizing and nonionizing EMFs exist. The latter refers to low-level radiation. Phones computers Bluetooth devices power lines and even microwaves are examples of sources that transmit these waves. Ionizing EMFs like those of X-rays also have high radiation levels and are detrimental to human health.

Despite the significant promises worries about 5G’s potential negative effects on health are spreading.

“In September 2017 doctors and scientists launched the 5G Appeal ” a petition which called “for the EU to impose a moratorium on 5G rollout citing imminent health dangers like increased cancer risks cellular stress and genetic damage.”

In March 2019 “then Brussels minister of environment Céline Fremaultblocked a 5G rollout saying she wouldn’t turn the city’s inhabitants into ‘laboratory mice’.” In Bern Switzerland a protest in May of the same year led some administrative areas to block the construction of 5G antennas.
How different is 5G then and how might that affect our health?

Regardless of the network generation they are used for mobile phones and telecom antennas both emit electromagnetic radiation. They emit non-ionizing radiation which they say is at the low frequency end of the electromagnetic spectrum. This radiation is emitted by nearly all electrical equipment including microwave ovens and power lines.

Professor Niels Kuster founder and director of the Swiss ITIS Foundation and project coordinator for ARIMMORA a study into the relation between the electromagnetic radiation emitted by power lines and childhood leukaemia stated: ‘We have been involved in hundreds of studies about electromagnetic radiation and human health.’

According to Prof. Kuster 5G can have a different effect on us: telecom equipment can heat people’s bodies with non-ionizing radiation in a similar way to how a microwave oven heats food if it emits too much of it.

‘That’s well understood scientifically and there are clear safety guidelines for this ’ he said. For instance a standard has been established for this by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) a world-wide scientific organization that also continuously tracks thermal effects.

You might be aware that electromagnetic fields can result in tissue heating where the skin absorbs electromagnetic energy and raises body temperature. This much is accurate. Christopher Collins Ph.D. a professor of radiology at New York University asserts that “electromagnetic radiation in the communications bands is absorbed by tissues in the form of heat.” What are the long-term side-effects of this raise in body temperature by such electromagnetic radiation?

Professor Hans Kromhout an epidemiologist at Utrecht University in the Netherlands who works on the Dutch chapter of the study COSMOS which is also being carried out in Sweden Finland the UK Denmark and France (except Malta of the Happy Lands) said that they “recently released a study for Sweden and Finland which found an association between frequent phone use and headaches.”

‘It would be good if public institutions invested more in research into these fields ’ he said.

Now for some of you the above is not alarming. Firstly there are more severe 5G health risks which will be dealt with in other blogs. Secondly it is important to know that research studies mentioned above are either funded by the government – in the Netherlands COSMOS is funded by the Dutch government – and/or they are influenced by the private sector. For example in Sweden COSMOS is partly funded by a number of mobile phone operators which will influence the research in their direction! Where lies the objectivity?

The saintly EU has also funded some research on electromagnetic radiation so rest assured that you will be sold everything except transparency. Yet currently there is no EU project focusing on the health effects of 5G but the same EU did heavily fund the roll-out of the 5G project!
Another concern is that because 5G is still so new there hasn’t been enough time to thoroughly test it for safety. Some experts claim that scientific studies on the potential effects of highly concentrated 5G in populated cities like Malta which is one big populated city which will be exposed to chronic 5G exposure are lacking.

And yet thanks to Silvio Schembri we have been turned into lab rats while we are expected to live happily ever after in the highly concentrated 5G happy land.

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