The program “T13ttax” whereby the Grand Master of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Malta was interviewed was mere propaganda and sensationalism

After watching the program of Clara Farrugia “T13ttax” on the internet whereby she interviewed the Grand Master of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Malta Simon Cusens I could not think of what better ways TVM used to push forth American propaganda and agendas.

It was a mere program turned accomplice in the media with the government’s backing. No Freemasonry is not a club where people of different religions meet and then dine as the programme told you. This is propaganda that we must lay aside.

But with some reading between the lines as to what was said by Simon Cusens himself one can easily reach some conclusions. For example when asked if Freemasons do some business networking he said that no business is done inside the Lodge. But he added that a Freemason can and should enjoy doing business with another Freemason. I remind the public that Evarist Bartolo had once written that Freemasons had approached him to join their club when he was in politics. The conclusion is why Freemasons do approach politicians to join. Why do they need politicians?

Then Cusens talked about the Freemasons’ symbols which I mentioned in some of my past blogs. He added that they use these symbols and signs to communicate between themselves and recognise or get recognised by other Freemasons. Why is it necessary for them to recognise each other?
“Aħna nistgħu nagħrfu lil xulxin kemm fid-dawl kif ukoll fid-dlam ” he said. [We can recognise each other both in daylight and in night time]
But how do they recognize signs if they are affiliated with different lodges? For example those affiliated with the Grand Lodge of the Orient in Paris the United Lodge in London or the Grand Masonic Lodge in Israel might use signs and handshakes not used seen or understood by other Lodges.

The Grand Master softened the significance of the symbol of the image of the All-Seeing Eye set against a background of the blazing sun in the capstone. The sun is the All-Seeing Eye in our lodges according to Freemason and former Sovereign Grand Commander Albert Pike who also wrote that “the Blazing Start (the pentagram deity) has been recognized as an emblem of Omniscience or the All-Seeing Eye which to the Ancients was the Sun.” The Illuminati are their superiors and revere the Deity of Countless names which this Grand Master neglected to mention. Since Freemasons are supporters of Egyptology one of these deities is Osiris the Egyptian sun god and/or his son Horus. The most renowned Masonic scholars including Manly P. Hall Albert Mackey Albert Pike and others assert in their writings that the Masonic rituals and teachings are derived from the “mysteries” of the ancient Babylonians Egyptians Greeks Persians and others.

The Masonic Deity is a concealed god with many masks and deceptions to hide his true identity. The All-Seeing Eye symbol represents him. He is called “The Sun” the “Central Sun” “Hiram Abiff ” the one with the “Ineffable Name ” “Ein Soph ” the “Great Architect of the Universe ” “Abaddon ” “Mahabone ” and “Jahbuhlun”. This might give you the impression that they worship a multiplicity of gods. But in reality these are all fronts for the elite worship of Lucifer as Albert Pike had stated in Morals and Dogma– “Doubt it not.” In fact A Bridge to Light an official textbook of the Supreme Mother Council 33 degrees reveals that “the body of the Holy Spirit the universal agent ” is none other than “the Serpent devouring his own tail.” That is the Oroboros serpent.

But this Grand Master wanted to make us believe that they do not practise the Occult. I understand that this depends on what one understands and knows about the Occult. It is usual for Freemasons to defend themselves from such accusations. So they implore as Cusens did that Freemasonry is not what it is said to look like and that the people should not be hasty in their judgment because everything one hears about them is conspiracies that don’t exist.

A reminder that British Satanist Aleister Crowley who saw himself as the “wickedest man on the planet” was Grand Master of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) who had also founded the mysterious and Luciferian Order of Astrum Argentinium. He once lamented and admitted that after he had independently learned and practised how to do the secret handshakes of several other secret societies and orders throughout Europe he travelled from city to city and discovered that by knowing how to convey the appropriate handshake he was invited into what is typically the guarded inner sanctum of almost all the groups. As a result they were convinced that Crowley was qualified to attend their conclaves and gain access to their most sensitive information simply by shaking his hand.

The Elitist Freemasons do not enjoy having their works and doing exposed. Why? Since Freemasons founded America and Malta has more Freemasons per capita than anywhere else hence the consolidation of Malta’s deeper ties with America why didn’t this Grand Master tell us about the symbols of the reverse mystical side of the Great Seal of the United States? No the characters on the reverse side of the Great Seal have nothing to do with America. On the contrary they are incompatible with its history political organization and religious heritage. An Egyptian pyramid? Strange Latin inscriptions? A bizarre all-seeing eye radiated by the sun’s rays? What has all that to do with America?

Very odd.

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