Emergency landing after the pilot flying Boeing 787 from Miami to Chile collapsed and died due to cardiac arrest in the bathroom

This site has already asked in another piece how safe have our skies turned since the Covid-19 vaccines’ roll-out, with pilots and other employees of the airline industry being inoculated with these experimental and deadly Covid-19 vaccines.

We had another reported death of a pilot who collapsed “in a toilet onboard a Boeing 787 while flying from Miami to Chile.”

56-year-old Ivan Andaur was flhying flight LA505 from Miami International Airport to Santiago, chile when he felt ill.

It was thanks to a second pilot and co-pilot, who were “forced to make an emergency landing at Tocumen International Airport in Panama City.”

“Paramedics boarded the plane to provide medical assistance but Andaur was pronounced dead after the plane had landed.”

“A nurse, only known as Isadora on social media, said she tried to revive Andaur, along with another nurse and two doctors, while the plane was landing after he suffered symptoms related to cardiac arrest.”

How safe have our skies turned since the Covid-19 vaccines’ roll-out? Was Mr Andaur vaccinated with such a vaccine?

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