How safe have our skies and worldwide airlines turned since the Covid-19 vaccines’ roll-out?

How safe have our skies and worldwide airlines turned since the Covid-19 vaccines’ roll-out?
This month alone so far we have had four incidents.

On 13thMarch Emirates Flight EK205 MXP-JFK from Milan diverted on due to pilot illness. According to a report the pilot fell ill during flight an hour and a half after take-off and so the plane was forced to return to Malpensa.”[1]The pilot managed to make an emergency landing and find an ambulance waiting for him. It is reported that the pilot had communicated that the need to go back was determined by the need for urgent medical treatment.

On 12th March British Airways pilot collapsed in Cairo hotel and died. He was scheduled to fly Airbus A321 from Cairo to London.[2]Had he collapsed during flight it would have been another imminent dangerous situation.

On 11th March United Airlines Flight 2007 GUA-ORD had to divert flight and make an emergency landing due to an “incapacitated pilot” who started suffering from chest pains[3].

On 3rd March Virgin Australia flight Adelaide to Perth was forced to make an emergency landing after the pilot suffered heart attack thirty minutes after departure.[4]

On 15th February we had the UH-60 Black Hawk military helicopter exploding on Highway 53 near Harvest. Albeit this was an accident on a small scale the two people on board were killed. [5]

The aviation industry had even some strange incidents in 2022.

On 21st July the pilot of a passenger airplane in Indonesia carrying more than 100 passengers “suffered a health emergency 15 minutes after take-off” “and was forced to return to the airport before being rushed to a hospital where he later died.”[6]

On 26th August “a Jet2 flight made an emergency landing after a pilot reportedly ‘fainted’ mid-flight. A flight from Birmingham Airport to Antalya in Turkey made a stop off in Greece due to what the airline called a ‘medical emergency’”.[7]

On 18th September “a pilot died suddenly during a flight between the Russian cities of Novokuznetsk and St. Petersburg on Sunday officials told state-run media.” “Authorities told RIA Novosti that the unnamed pilot identified as a flight commander felt sick during the trip.” It was thanks to the co-pilot that an emergency landing could be done. Although the resuscitation ambulance team had arrived at the airport ten minutes before the plane landed the pilot was proclaimed dead before being provided medical assistance.[8]

On 3rd November “a flydubaiBoeing 737-800 was forced to divert to Shiraz Iran after the captain fell unconscious. The first officer of the flight operating from Tashkent to Dubai declared an emergency and diverted to the closest airport.”[9]

On 17th November Malta Today reported that an Air Malta flight to Vienna KM514 with 170 passengers declared an in-flight emergency and diverted back to MIA while making an emergency landing. It did not specify who needed medical treatment.[10]

On 23rd November American Airlines Flight 3556 from Chicago O’Hare and heading to Columbus Ohio had the captain dropping dead in his seat on take-off.  If it wasn’t for the fact that the co-pilot was a captain-trainer and a highly experienced pilot himself it would have been a huge aviation fatality. While the co-pilot manoeuvred the plane two paramedics were performing CPR on the pilot. Unfortunately the pilot did not make it.[11]

This is all because pilots and airflight attendants were forced to take the experimental Covid-19 bioweapon. We want pilots and crew to feel safe and to fly safely. We want passengers to fly safe.


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