Communism is not only on the right track with Macron pushing through the pension reform without a parliamentary vote but now communism is rushing headlong out of control with Macron banning the French from protesting.

After detaining 61 people on Friday night and 81 people on Saturday night as a result of the protests France has now banned demonstrations on the Champs-Elysées avenue and in front of the National Assembly in Paris.

Crowds have gathered in the Place de la Concorde public square which is directly across from the parliament building and there have been recent police encounters there as well.

The French even burnt an effigy of Macron with applause:

With this growing unrest since the so-called “Gilets Jaunes” (Yellow Vests) protests back in 2018 the cowardly crook of Macron seeing that he is faced with the gravest challenge to his authority with slogans like “Macron is done” and “Power to the people” scrawled across Lyon’s City Hall has decided to fasten his dictatorship and ban the protests.

Police are now patrolling and checking people’s ID cards. For what?

Under which law is Macron first using Constitutional powers to push the pension reform and now banning the people from their right to protest?
This is how under Communism you are muted and have your balls ripped off.

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