Dr Meryl Nass about the WHO Pandemic Treaty during Third International Covid Summit in the European Parliament.

Here is Dr. Meryl Nass’s speech [from the 3:59:21 mark till the 4:04:20 mark] about the WHO’s proposed pandemic treaty during the International Covid Summit III in the European Parliament:

“We’re undergoing a soft coup and the idea is to create a new set of laws, and ignore the existing human rights laws and other laws under the pretext of pandemic preparedness and the biosecurity agenda. 70 countries are involved in this, with 50 supported by the US and the justification requires you to believe that pandemics are common and that they are caused by humans, catching diseases from animals, from what they call ‘spillover’. Fauci and Dazek have pushed this idea continuously over the last three years. Two examples, this is what Tony Fauci said, in one journal cell: ‘in a human-dominated world in which our human activities represent aggressive damaging and unbalanced interactions with nature. We will increasingly provoke new disease emergencies’. Dazek and Fauci’s two lieutenants said the same thing: ‘We must realise in our crowded world, human behaviours, environmental changes, and inadequate public health mechanisms can turn obscure animal viruses into existential human threats.’ And who is going all along with this? Basically, all the major, multinational, organisations as well as all our health authorities.

The WHO is developing, through all its nations, but with the WHO directorate in the United States in charge, a pandemic treaty and amendments to the existing international health regulations that will remove the human rights protections currently embedded in the ihrs, will enforce surveillance, censorship, get rid of freedom of speech, require governments to censor and only push a single narrative.

Also, we will be subject, if they can make this work, to vaccines developed in a hundred days, which the organization Sepi is planning to do and one of the people who founded Sepi was Jeremy Ferrar who is now the chief scientist at the WHO to bring this forward.

Other things that the amendments do is bind the states so there are no longer recommendations but enforceable edicts, provide a liability shield, get rid of intellectual property rights, move supplies from one country to another, enforce digital passports, and the director general of WHO can demand that a pandemic or a potential pandemic exists. He can just declare it with no standards and then countries around the world will have to obey. Also, the WHO will tell you what drugs you can and can’t use in your nation once a pandemic is declared. Obviously the budget will increase. One Health is another part of this. One Health is a concept that was created to enable the WHO with these documents to take over jurisdiction of everything in the world, by saying that climate change, animals, plants, water systems, ecosystems, are all central to health.

Also, embedded in this concept is a peculiar notion that humans are no longer of greater value than animals.”

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