A Former, high-rank Freemason, attorney John Salza, on how the annihilation of nations depend on the consecration of Russia

“We also have had consistent and explicit testimony for many about what the third secret means. But we’re gathered here this week because we believe that it’s not too late. That the worst of the prophecies can be avoided and even greater apostasy, the annihilation of nations, is still conditional depending on when Russia is consecrated. So, what can we do? Of course, we have to pray but we have to educate others about the message of Fatima so that we can couple our prayer with theirs. We know it includes the daily rosary, five for Saturdays, the scapular making reparations but specifically for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Union with all the bishops. Only when the consecration is affected as Our Lady requires, will the church be restored to her former glory. Until then, she will continue to suffer her passion. The smoke of Satan will not dissipate. In the end however, Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will triumph, the pope will consecrate Russia and she will crush the head of Satan and destroy his masonic enterprise forever.  May it be this pope, pope Benedict XVI, who finally obeys Heaven’s command. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.”

This educational speech was done during Pope Benedict’s papacy in one of the many conferences that Salza is invited to by Catholic priests for the Angelus.  Salza gave another speech about how freemasonry is still dangerous up till today in 2017.

After this period, we all know that Russia was consecrated. Yet, the world is still going through the demonic enterprise. We also have the Ukraine War. And you might ask, why? What went wrong?

The reasons lie in the controversies of the partial revelation of the Third Secret, the controversy behind the consecration of Russia and the controversial, humanitarian papacy of Pope Francis, which I will tackle in an upcoming series and through which the link to the Carbonari’s Alta Vendita, Freemasonry and John Salza’s speech, will be pointed at.

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