A dystopian reality in the UK – Aldi Stores have gone cashless. Here is Piers Corbyn paying in cash and the reaction he got

Astrophysicist and weather analyst Piers Corbyn, about whom this site has already written about, has went into an Aldi store, bought a packet of strawberries, and refused to pay with a card. He leaves them the coins on the counter, and goes out repeating that he has paid with a legal tender. Needless to say, the security tried to stop him.

Piers Corbyn was one of the first people to receive a £10,000 fixed penalty under new coronavirus laws restricting public gatherings which restricted more than 30 people. The weather forecaster and climate change denier, who is the older brother of the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, was arrested and fined for his part in organising a demonstration in central London against lockdown restrictions. He also stated that the coronavirus ‘pandemic’ is a psychological operation, denying it entirely.


Piers Corbyn pays with cash at a cashless Aldi, this is how you defeat the globalists #FORYOURPAGE #FYP #TRUMP2024 #LETSGOBRANDON #TRUMP #BidensAmerica #CASHLESSSOCIETY

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