Jason James Murphy is a registered sex offender. He had spent five years in prison after being convicted in Washington state in 1996 for kidnapping and molesting an eight-year-old boy, whom he had met as a camp counsellor. But after being released, he moved to Hollywood and guess? Even though he was also registered as a sex offender with authorities in his new state of residence, he was given a job in casting in Hollywood, often with children where he worked on big films like ‘Super 8’, ‘Cheaper by The Dozen 2’ and ‘School of Rock’.

Everyone who worked with him claimed they were duped by an alias. The A-list director claimed that when he learned that a pedophile was casting children in his film, he took immediate action and notified the authorities. However, Murphy did not, as claimed, use an alias to deceive the studio and director. When he was accused of using an alias, which is a criminal offense for any registered sex offender, and the case went to court, the judge ruled that every pedophile’s Hollywood employers knew his full and legal name. And Murphy went out of the court scot-free.

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