Piers Corbyn an astrophysicist weather analyst and the creator of WeatherAction disputes the notion that carbon dioxide emissions are to blame for climate change:

“Climate change theory is a climate change conspiracy theory and it is completely stupid. The problem with the current climate change narrative is that it is false. It claims that carbon dioxide controls – is the main forcer of world temperatures whereas actual data shows that it’s world temperatures which control the carbon dioxide concentration. The CO2 does not have any effect whatsoever. The actual climate is cooling and it is shown by satellite data as opposed to the fraudulent data produced by the American and the United Nation’s operations where they select data to make it look colder in the past and warmer in the present. Renewable energy in the main is extremely inefficient and a waste of money. The cost of producing powerful windfarms is at least three times that is in coal. That is an issue when you have to clean the airports from powerstations but CO2 itself is not a pollutant.”

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