The Trial of David Gatt – the link with former minister Chris Cardona

And so it happens, that another common name in this saga is that of the former minister Chris Cardona.

It happened that from all legal offices in Malta, Gatt worked in Cardona’s law firm.

This is because Cardona, also a lawyer by profession, had rented an office to Gatt to work from as a graduated lawyer. Was his law firm recruiting? Did Gatt send a CV by any chance? Did they know each other through the Labour party, since Gatt was a party delegate in 2009, a year before the HSBC heist? Dr Gatt was then dismissed when he was accused of complicity in the string of crimes, as was stated by Dr Joseph Muscat.

In the trial, the back then Labour MP, Chris Cardona was also called to the stand as a witness. Cardona had presented “a statement relating how he knows the accused.”

Cardona had also been taken to Police Headquarters in relation to such case. He explained that “when he attended a court sitting where David Gatt was accused, he was pulled aside and asked if it were a problem for him to meet later that day, to clear ‘certain issues’ regarding the case.”

Cardona “denied having ever heard David Gatt talk about planning any hold-ups.”

“Asked again by the defence if he was given any orders, Cardona said that since he was to be a witness in the proceedings, he did not continue to attend hearings.

In addition Chris Cardona was also asked not to speak to David Gatt.”

We all know that in her blog “Maybe Carol Peralta pole dances” Daphne Caruana Galizia had written about the late visit of former Economy Minister Chris Cardona at the house of freemason and ex-magistrate Carol Peralta. We also know that the media had reported that David Gatt was a freemason.

The mind continues to boggle as to why from all ministers, David Gatt worked in the office of Chris Cardona.

The mind continues to boggle as to why from all ministers, Chris Cardona is also mentioned in the Degiorgios’ press release, together with the same David Gatt.

“The mind continues to boggle as to the fact that Chris Cardona also happened to be the minister who has been accused of being involved in Daphne’s assassination and having been implicated as being part of those individuals who “once they introduce you to their circle you have to obey their orders” in the Degiorgios’ press release…..”

Maybe Chris Cardona and David Gatt knowing each other is just another pure coincidence. Did they both maybe just pole dance while wearing their “fardal” costume just like “brothers” do in a “brotherhood ring” in the “circle” of the fraternity of pole dancers?

Or did Cardona play ludo on a checkered floor with David Gatt?

Malta is so small. Same crimes. Same robberies. Same circle. Same village lawyer. Same David Gatt. Same Chris Cardona. Both mentioned in the Degiorgios’ press release.

And yet, David Gatt was acquitted from our courts and the mind continues to boggle.

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