Why from all ministers it had to be “someone looking like Chris Cardona” who was spotted leaving magistrate and freemason Carol Peralta’s house in Mdina?

For those readers who might be asking why I am writing blogs about Carol Peralta and other past blogs related to freemasonry – I am going to spoon feed it to you. There are various reasons but I will give you just two. One of them is the fact that it is what an inquisitive mind does. It goes back to the past to connect to the present. Another reason is that when a spider starts weaving a web to enmesh insects it starts  by spinning a disorganized protoweb. Then it replaces this with the frames spokes and hub of the final web. Next comes a preliminary spiral which stabilizes the web’s structure and also determines the outline of the final portion – the sticky threads of the capture spiral.

This is what it is being done with going to past news and past media portals. Through them we will be led to the present. Through them the disorganized protoweb will be replaced with the frames spokes and hub of the final web.

And so it happened that on 19thDecember 2013 Daphne Caruana Galizia published a blog titled “Maybe Carol Peralta pole dances”. Daphne wrote:

“Somebody who looks a lot like the Minister for the Economy (Chris Cardona big lap-and-pole-dancing fan) has just been spotted leaving Magistrate Peralta’s house in Mdina.

Let’s hope it wasn’t him otherwise we have another Lying Government Incident on our hands: the prime minister says at 4pm that he will report Peralta to the Justice Commission for investigation and at 10pm his cabinet minister pays Peralta a courtesy call at home.”

The mind continues to boggle as to why from all ministers in the cabinet back then it had to be somebody who looked a lot like Chris Cardona that visited freemason and ex-magistrate Carol Peralta magistrate at the time at his house in Mdina.

The mind continues to boggle as to why from all ministers it wasn’t the minister for Justice but it had to be the minister for the Economy if the meeting had to be related to the fact that the prime minister was going to report Peralta to the Justice Commission for investigation.

The mind continues to boggle as to the fact that Chris Cardona also happened to be the minister who has been accused of being involved in Daphne’s assassination and having been implicated as being part of those individuals who “once they introduce you to their circle you have to obey their orders” in the Degiorgios’ press release…..

Who knows?! Maybe Cardona and Peralta just met for some high tea and biskutelli. Or maybe they just met to talk about all that which money doesn’t buy in a “brotherhood ring” where the brothers already have all the money they need to buy anything they want. Or maybe they just pole danced while wearing their “fardal” costume just like “brothers” do in a “brotherhood ring” in the “circle” of the fraternity of pole dancers.

Maybe Carol Peralta pole dances

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