Can Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa’ verify and clarify as to why one of the chosen police inspectors happened to be the cousin of the Maksar brothers who procured the bomb for Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder?

This site has informed you that according to a reliable source two of the three individuals selected for the post of inspector are related to criminals. I have no issue in one of those who is the son of a murderer because what his father did has nothing to do with him as long as he is not carrying the burden of this past which might affect the integrity of his personality and behaviour. If not then this choice is of grievous concern.

My concern how I am seeing it is the other case who is that who is said to be the cousin of the Maksar brothers and who was involved in assaulting a person of black ethnicity in Saint Julian’s a few months ago. This is by far a different matter. Firstly we have a police officer that can be promoted to an inspector when he himself has committed an assault! According to some legal definitions an assault is the illegal act of causing physical harm or unwanted physical contact to another person or the threat or attempt to do so. Because it is both a crime and a tort it may result in criminal prosecution civil liability or both. Secondly he happened to coincidentally be the cousin of the Maksar brothers who happened to be Robert and Adrian Agius who together with Jamie Vella had procured the bomb for the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Daphne had written about one of these brothers Adrian Agius and mentioned his involvement in criminality in our country. This is what she wrote:

“Adrian Agius who is in his early 30s is a member of the Ryan Schembri (there are others but more of that later) gang who financed their ‘meat imports from Brazil’using loans of undeclared cash from tax-evading businessmenwho were promised interest of between 20% and 40% a month.”

Who were these businessmen? “His father Raymond Agius – the family nickname is Tal-Maksar – was a smugglerwho used a car dealership and real estate business as cover for the real source of his income. He was shot in the head by contract killers at the Butterfly Bar in Birkirkara in April 2008. He was 49. The contract killers – two – entered the bar where he was drinking at 9.15am wearing crash helmets and shot him point blank. They got away on a motorbike. Nobody has been charged with the murder.” Who had ordered for this killing?

“Adrian Agius’s friend and close associate the drug-dealer Terence Gialanze vanished in November 2012 after telling his family that he was going fishing.

His car was found parked and locked and his yacht was still at its usual mooring. None of his bank accounts have been touched since. He is presumed dead. He was 24 when he vanished.

At 23 Gialanze owned a top-of-the-range BMW SUV and a Bentley a yacht and he lived with his Romanian girlfriend in a large villa which he rented for thousands every month.”

Some background on crime gang member Adrian Agius

It also happened that Jamie Vella and Robert Agius had accepted to pay €1500 monthly to Vince Muscat il-Koħħu so to shut him up. Coincidentally the former lawyer of the same Vince Muscat freemason Arthur Azzopardi who was also under the attack of Daphne’s pen did not know anything about this money miskin! But the new lawyer Dr Marc Sant was knowledgeable and confirmed it.

In front of all this confusion and grievious concerns I raise more concerns. Yes for sure that relatives of criminals should get promoted if they are of a good moral character. But here we are speaking about a police officer who committed an illegal act and who coincidentally happened to be the cousin of those involved in providing the bomb for Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder whose case is still ongoing in our court! And he happened to be working in the police force where a constituted body of persons is empowered by the state with the aim to enforce the law to ensure the safety health and possessions of citizens and to prevent crime and civil disorder! Had he been the cousin of Yorgen Fenech rest assured that he would have been asked to resign or suspend himself!

In front of all this confusion and grievous concerns I am still not convinced that freemasons are not behind Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder because one has yet to explain to me and convince my inquisitive mind and God-given discernment as to how come freemason lawyer Arthur Azzopardi protected the names of or forgot the names of the criminal Maskar brothers when it was not the case by the lawyer who replaced him Dr Marc Sant!
In front of all this confusion and grievous concerns I keep on convincing myself as I was from day one that Yorgen Fenech is a victim of a political and criminal frame-up. I am in no way writing this because this site has defended and still defends Fenech but because I have a brain of my own!
In front of all this confusion and grievous concerns I keep on convincing myself that freemasons who are now infiltrated in every tier of society some in high positions and some in ministerial positions are protecting each other and protecting all those involved together with the mastermind/s while making sure that this carefully planned frame-up keeps a knot which is very difficult to undo.

And in front of all this confusion and grievous concerns we eagerly wait with bated breath to get a statement by Angelo Gafa’s supporters the Repubblichini the Galizias and the coalition against this promotion. But rest assured dear readers that it would be a much more of a possible mission for us to grow gills and breathe under water than to keep our breath bated waiting for the statement of the coalition of ‘truth be told’ my foot!

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