Can Dr Fearne and Profs Gauci explain why apricot kernels are no longer found in our local market when they can cure cancer?

It is ironical that in order to purchase healthy food or alternatives which we do not find at the chemist we need to go to a health shop or else in the supermarkets where we find the ‘healthy section’. Then what is the rest of the food and medicine outside these sections and shops called?

It does not mean that anything we find in the healthy section or in health shops is healthy. The ingredients must always be studied to watch out for any additives sugar and its alternatives those unknown digits like E315 which the body does not have a clue of what the heck it is and what to do with it and so forth… I always prefer to eat from the earth: fruit vegetables nuts rice lentils and beans which make up a huge percentage of my nutrition.

There is one particular health shop from which I buy some nuts and other healthy stuff regularly and with whom I became quite friends. A few months ago the owner informed me how St. John’s Wort was stopped from entering locally because during Covid many purchased it to assist them to cope with the pseudo-pandemic. St. John’s Wort is a herbal medicine which mimics anti-depressants but without the harm that medicinal anti-depressants can cause. When taken for a short period of time with the right recommended dosage St John’s Wort can be very beneficial. It can also be slowly diminished until its stoppage without any long-term harm. It is a pity that we cannot say the same for certain medication:

Recently I visited again this health shop and the owner informed me about the difficulties health shops face in importing products. The latest information I was given was that apricot kernels are prohibited from being imported and entering Malta. The owner recalled how there was a particular client who was given a one month of life due to an acute liver cancer. This was around 2016. This client did some research and found that apricot kernels can be beneficial in his case. Since he had only one month to live he thought that there is no harm in taking the leap and trying them out. Thus he became a regular customer of this health shop buying apricot kernels. This customer not only did not die and is still alive up till this day seven years later but his liver was cured so much so that hospital staff was baffled. Needless to say this customer ended up having to smuggle apricot kernels from abroad since their importation was stopped.

But then we get the propaganda machine Times of Malta which back in 2017 that is six years ago reported that apricot kernels are toxic because they contain high levels of cyanide:

Apricot kernels are not toxic and they do not contain cyanide. What scientists have proposed is that they contain a naturally occurring compound and substance called amygdalin. This compound is also present in the seeds of other fruit including apples cherries plums and peaches. The same applies for clover sorghum and lima beans.

What The Times should have reported is that amygdalin is converted in the body to cyanide as it is a cyanogenic glycoside.

What The Times should have reported is that scientists have proposed that amygdalin may be a way to eradicate tumors and prevent cancer by stopping cells from reproducing.

A laboratory study published in 2005 suggested that amygdalin might inhibitTrusted Sourcegenes that lead to cell proliferation. In 2012 a laboratory study found that enhancing amygdalin with β-D-glucosidase may make it usefulTrusted Sourcein treating liver cancer.

What the Times should have reported is that the kernels contain protein fiber and a high percentage of oil which people can extract from the kernel. In fact it is so ‘toxic’ that in Egypt the traditional snack “dokka” is done by a mix of coriander seeds salt and ground apricot kernel. Oil made from apricot kernels is also used for cooking.

If apricot kernels are toxic as they want us to believe then we would not have some manufacturers using apricot kernelsTrusted Sourcein the production of cosmetics MEDICINE and oil! Because it is fine and beneficial to take apricot kernels via Big Pharma’s medication but if you dare take them naturally Big Pharma will sell you the lie that they are toxic.

In India people use apricot kernel oil to make massage oil because they believe it relievesaches and pains.

But the Times forgot to add that apricot kernels are cheap and are given to us by nature because God provided for us everything we need in nature. It is a shame that apricot kernels do not make Pfizer and all the giant pharmaceutical companies money while they will soon sell you more vaccines to ‘cure’ cancer a cure which they have never managed to find for years because finding a cure does not render any profit unless the profit lies in the ‘cure’ they sell you.

It was “the Environmental Health Directorate within the Superintendence of Public Health” that had “said that cyanide forms following a chemical reaction with ‘amygdalin’ which can be naturally found in the pits of many fruits such as apricots and papayas in raw nuts and in plants such as lima beans clover and sorghum.”

Thus besides posing the same question to the Superintendent of Public Health Profs Charmaine Gauci I would also like to hear from our scientific mouthpiece from and of the checkered lodges of Big Pharma Inc & Co et. al of the Rockefeller dynasty, Dr Fearne, why in a country which should be a normal functioning democracy with the right for choice, were apricot kernels’ importation stopped with the usual propaganda machine the Times putting in its finger so to divert the frequency and vibration of the gentiles towards toxic medication.

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