When Dr. Stan and the late Alan Watt discussed the Elites and freemasonry and how ancient symbols in Masonry such as the beehive symbolise the society they want to create (II)

Dr. Stan:

And of course this is really what happens. You get into the Masons. You’re in the military you’re going to get promoted to the highest levels of the military. You are certainly in the police you’ll get at least in many areas you’ll get promoted over people of equal ability.

If you are going to court and you have a Masonic judge forget it you’re going to lose the case; and of course if a Mason is accused of murder or treason why of course he’ll be let off if there is a Mason on the jury or if it’s a Masonic judge. So you do not have an opportunity for real free society when you have secret societies working in our country; and what are there between two and three million Masons in America today do you know?

Alan: I think there’s probably more because you see Isis has a thousand names and faces. Isis is the little covert way they talk about their church. They call it Isis the Mother; and they are the body of Osiris and with the body of Osiris in the myth was broken up so they are the members. They are the body and Isis is their church and Isis had a thousand names and faces. When you go into all the different names of the male and female lodges there’s hundreds of them and you’d never realize it until you go into the study of them what they actually are.

Dr. Stan: Well of course I think that it was  Manly P. Hallin his book “Lectures on Ancient Philosophy”who said it best. He said Masonry is a fraternity within a fraternity and out of fraternity it’s made up of people who want to do good and like the camaraderie but in a fraternity of those who studied the – “arcanum andarcanorum“  and of course you’ve got to look that up in the dictionary. That’s the secret and “the secret of secrets.” And what is the secret of secrets?  Why Lucifer is God. If you tap into that force you’ll do very well in this world. Of course eternity is an awfully long time and this is what the average person really doesn’t understand.  There really are people in the world today who worship Lucifer and have tapped into his supernatural power.

Alan: The odd thing that I’ve found is the continuity of the same system even from the Greeks. The ancient Greeks and the Oracles at Delphi they used women for channeling spirits and when you went in with a question to the Oracle the women were actually given drugs forms of narcotics so they’d mumble an answer. The priests would interpret the answer and that was that but traditionally they’ve always used women to channel this information all down through the ages up to the present day.

Dr. Stan: I think it’s so interesting that Hillary Clinton had asked for Jean Houston to come to the White House to channel the spirits of Eleanor Roosevelt and everybody thought that was so funny. Hillary Clinton may be the next president of the United States.

Alan: Yes and of course we know that previous prime ministers in British countries and commonwealth countries were into it as well. It’s no secret they were all into this type of thing but I know that in the high occultic groups they still use the women primarily for channelers.The interesting thing that the Romans said about it was they used them to predict the future or events and for times of coming wars or conquests or campaigns but they would never allow these women who were held in high favor they would never allow them into other meetings where their battle plans were being discussed because they said that once these women had opened the door to the spirits they could not be closed and they were a two-way street of communication.”

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