Defective selection processes under ex-police commissioner Lawrence Cutajar and current commissoner Angelo Gafa’: nepotism or freemasonry?

This site has reported about raised concerns regarding the new intake course for police inspectors under the current Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa’ who has still not told us the truth as to how he and his wife managed to buy through a bank loan at their age a detached villa with a pool for €885 000 and how they will be able to maintain it. Gafa’ has also not told us how a small section of the police force (FCID) received a hefty increase in salary at the expense of other areas within the same force as was also reported by this site. This was later covered and confirmed by The Shift News.

Let us for a moment think that this FCID hefty increase in salary might be linked to the fact that Gafa’ might head the same unit once he is no longer a commissioner. Then we have the other three inspector cases to question. I am neither concerned about the appointment of the son of former commissioner Rizzo (the reason will be made clearer in a future piece) nor about the policeman whose father killed his mum as long as this policeman is of integrity and of good moral behaviour. If he isn’t then this is of a grave concern. I am stating so because in no way do I want the readers to think that I put everyone in the same basket. But I believe that at times well-deserving employees are chosen in various sectors together with other chosen less-deserving people for the same call so to make the whole process look less jeopordised. I am more concerned about the other appointed inspector. Anyway I would like to take the readers to something which had happened under the ex-police commissioner Lawrence Cutajar who served from 2016 to 2020. He is the same Cutajar who is mentioned in the Degiorgios’ press release.

On 15th October 2021 Lawrence Cutajar made headlines because of defective promotions in the selection process for the promotion of assistant commissioners which happened in 2016 a year before the assassination of Daphne.

“Ombudsman Anthony Mifsud found that Cutajar who had already been found to have led “a parody of a selection process”over the same appointments selected people based on personal trust rather than experience and seniority.
He was ruling in a case filed before him by former superintendent Carmelo Bartolo who has since resigned from the force as a result of this ‘vitiated’ process.

The ombudsman’s ruling is similar to the one he handed down” [in 2021] “in the case filed by Superintendent Ray D’Anastas who is currently on leave pending his imminent retirement from the corps.”

Just like the D’Anastas case the ombudsman found that Bartolo had been discriminated against and had suffered an injustice when he was not promoted to assistant commissioner.

The positions were instead given to other people who did not deserve the promotion especially since a number of them had just completed their probation as superintendents when they were promoted to assistant commissioners.”

The Ombudsman had“found that Cutajar chose people to be promoted to the new grade on the basis of personal trust rather than according to the manual on which such a process should have been based. The manual was ignored almost in its entirety the ombudsman said.

“The selection board chaired by Cutajar with former assistant commissioner Josie Brincat and Joseph Mangani as members decided to pass 14 applicants and fail another seven including Bartolo”who had appealed the decision before the Public Service Commission. “The ombudsman said the commission was not pleased with the way Cutajar had led the selection process.”

“Bartolo said that when he applied for the post he had been told that only three superintendents were going to be promoted to the new role but eventually 10 were appointed including a number of them who had less experience than him. Others even had criminal convictions and should have never been considered.”

“Bartolo said that during the interview before the selection process he had been asked two questions: one by Cutajar who asked him a general question about his career in the police force while Brincat asked what he would do if he had to be promoted before someone else who was more experienced.

The ombudsman said the latter question was asked specifically to trick the candidate.”

“He noted that it was ‘very worrying’ that one of the people who was promoted to the role had brought the police force into disrepute and faced a series of disciplinary proceedings as well as a criminal case in which he was found guilty.”

Isn’t this similar to the fact that one out of the three selected inspectors under Gafa’ is involved in a criminal offence?

The Ombudsman“was ostensibly referring to former AC Mario Tonna who was not only allowed to apply for the promotion when he should have been automatically disqualified but was promoted to superintendent and then to assistant commissioner in a span of just one year.” He had found it difficult to understand how “someone with such a long number of years of service had fared so badly in the process” and ordered Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa’ to pay him €15 000 as moral damages and issue a fresh call because Bartolo had suffered an injustice.

In their press release the Degiorgios wrote that they have brought facts to the attention amongst others to high-ranking officers of the police force. Are Inspector Arnaud a close friend of Keith Schembri and Matthew Caruana Galizia’s hero and Commissioner Angelo Gafa’ two of them? The Degiorgios had passed on sensitive information to the police concerning a number of cases and yet the police took no action perhaps on instructions of certain important people. Of whose instructions?

The Degiorgios added that in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination there was also a former Commissioner of Police involved as well as police officers in high postsand to this one must add also the involvement of lawyers and persons of trust. Wasn’t the selection of assistant commissioners by Lawrence Cutajar based on personal trust? Can the readers notice the connection and pattern?

The Degiorgios added that they are ready to testify as to the involvement of former Commissioner of Police Lawrence Cutajar. I remind the readers that when questioned about the bomb that killed Daphne the police had raised the issue of double jeopardy: “We (il-pulizija) also need to be careful about the problem of double jeopardy. But we are determined to get to the bottom of this case.” (The Police admitted that Daphne’s case is already prejudiced).

Il-Pulizija tammetti li l-Każ ta’ Daphne hu ġa ppreġudikat

How I see it: that the filthy comedy in the corrupt local and global political and masonic world is in full swing. Let us just hope that the defective selective choice of ex-police commissioner Cutajar and the inspector who is a Maskar relative and accused of assault happened to be blatant cases of nepotism and ‘friends of friends’ which are rampant in this country and dismiss for a moment the fact that if one joins freemasonry one automatically advances in one’s work or job and one gets a promotion over other people and that in conclusion neither Cutajar nor Gafa’ nor the selected assistant commissioners by Cutajar and nor the inspector tied to criminality chosen under Gafa’s rule are freemasons who happened to have been given promotions over other honest deserving and worthy police officers who do not form part of the brotherhood ring of some of their freemason police commissioners!

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