I would like to inform the readers that while your local mainstream media is celebrating Dr Fearne’s new appointment as President of WHO assembly and while many countries are questioning the pandemic contract that the same WHO of which Fearne is part of is forcing on all the world leaders this site with the same blogger of this piece has already warned you about it three times. So while no one wrote about it and no one in Malta is asking whether our government has signed this treaty or not as the blog by Profs Mercieca one woman given space by Profs Mercieca did – last year.
No one in Malta is asking whether our government has signed the WHO’s Pandemic treaty or not.

In the first article which was published as early as February 2022 titled “What will be the repercussions on nations with the international Treaty of WHO?” I had also written and asked:

“With the WHO holding an emergency meeting and deliberations in Geneva in order to “expand its ability to target” all member states in the event of a pandemic or other threats does this mean that WHO will take precedence over a country’s constitution during natural disasters health threats or pandemics?

Since all member states seem to be asked to agree to this will Malta agree too being a member state? Neither our government nor our media did report about this and give the information needed to the public.“

While the Telegraph is only reporting about it now:

The Daily Telegraph reports about the worries among top UK officials and Ministers regarding the Pandemic Treaty that WHO wants to impose on Britain (simonmercieca.com)

Marica Micallef, an independent blogger reported and asked about it long ago. So I leave the readers to come up with their best judgment about this fact. In true investigative journalism you are backed up when it is a little too late. What the Telegraph is reporting is no new news for me and for those who read my blogs. For those who missed them or forgot their content I suggest you click on each so to understand better what it is about what lies ahead and the repercussions.

The other two were published in August of 2022 titled “If you give selective powers to a non-elected body then you no longer have democracy” and “Key Components to WHO pandemic treaty:”

And yet I hope that the readers will now start realising that I was always writing for their best interest. And yet I hope that the readers will now start understanding that what I wrote from the first day was a premonition of what is yet to come and there is no one blog which is false or fake news. And thus I suggest and hope that you readers instead of following local and foreign mainstream media you start clicking daily on www.maricamicallef.com so to learn what is ahead and understand that a female blogger on this site is truly trying to guide you towards the truth while now you are all again being shown that in true investigative journalism one is backed up when it might be a little too late.

And yet like a spiritual warrior I will keep on rooting for humanity in my quest to help in the act of self-liberation from fears doubts small mindedness and limiting beliefs while I declare myself that I am of service to the world as a path maker and leader of a global shift in consciousness and world transformation while we move to the New Earth of the thousand years of peace for those who choose to not be left behind. For those who are not able to change their frequency and vibration quick enough to move with it it will be too late. Yet it is why I am here and I will keep on being here for you all.

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