When Dr. Stan and the late Alan Watt discussed the Elites and freemasonry and how ancient symbols in Masonry such as the beehive symbolise the society they want to create (III)

Dr. Stan:And of course they didn’t want the spirits to know but believe me the spirits do know whatever you’re doing but of course also does our Lord and Saviour and so there is this spiritual battle in this other dimension for the souls of men and the survival of Western civilization. Well we’re going to be back here in a few minutes with Mr. Alan Watt as we began to explore this other dimension and if you want to get the documentation on so much of what Alan’s covering why much of it’s covered in my book “

The Brotherhood of Darkness ” and when we get back we’ll let Alan tell you about his material. I found it fascinating. I’m so glad I found somebody who is as fascinated with this as I am and recognizes the spiritual battle that we’re engaged in today.

Well this is Dr. Stan and our guest is Alan Watt and Alan why don’t you pick this up and then we’ll let you get to your information out on your work here in just a couple of minutes when all of our other stations are back onboard; but basically of course as you’re going through this and that you’ve commented that you find the platonic influences writings of Plato and of course modern day occultists all go back to Plato. Plato really was almost like a watershed event in the history of mankind wasn’t it? Didn’t he more or less codify a lot of this?

Alan:He did and he gave the religion they believe in away. He told us what the religion is based upon and the religion of the elite in his day and today in fact is no different; it was based on a “special kind of reincarnation ”and he does that in his dialogues and his books where he asks the question “ why are we so intelligent we the aristocracy?” as opposed to the ordinary people. Then he goes through the basis for believing that they were all reincarnated into the same family dynasties over and over so hence the need for the inbreeding of selected families down through the ages to make sure the same spirits come back into the same bodies. That’s what they believed in.

Dr. Stan: And of course some of the writings of Albert Pike say exactly the same thing: If you don’t get it right the first time you keep on coming back. Albert Pike was a civil war general. His statue sits there in Washington D.C. today. He is buried in the House of the Temple in Washington D.C. the headquarters of International Masonry or at least American Masonry so pick up the story there.

Alan: Albert Pike let so much out too. In one of his parts of “Morals and Dogma ” he said that the good mason must get to the top by all means possible. By any even devious means even using the stock market he says and he said then we must subjugate inferior men’s minds by our will and then we shall become the masters over the Masters of the World. Now does that sound like a benevolent organization to you?

Dr. Stan: They shall come to us for their princes and for their popes. He made it very clear that they would end up ruling the world through their secret societies and this is all in Morals and Dogma” and you can get a copy. They’re still available in used bookstores those that haven’t been burned and of course people have to understand they lay everything out. It’s all very obvious. They know exactly what they’re doing. They just don’t want the American people to know what they are doing.

Alan:Also  Albert Pike we know that he trained Giuseppe Mazzini which is just Italian for Mason Mazzini and he led off the revolutionary party because they use revolutions – the circle of course of a revolution to get to their….”

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