How former minister Evarist Bartolo’s post about freemasons is on point as to what is going on in our court, police force, the military, parliament and other institutions and in the trial of Yorgen Fenech.

Former Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo was on point when he wrote how he was already questioning freemasonry thirty years ago when Eddie Fenech Adami was prime minister.

It is interesting that he wrote his Facebook post concerning this after an international investigation revealed information about the Chinese negotiator Chen Cheng in the purchase of Enemalta shares with the same Chen Cheng setting up a Hong Kong-based company called Macbridge which coincidentally had been identified as a target client for the same Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi’s Panama companies.

Please note that when testifying in court Schembri had said that Macbridge was named as a source of funds for his company without his knowledge. The ex-OPM chief of staff must have a terrible memory. The question that I ask now is if freemasonry is behind the Electrogas deal of which they also tried to frame up Yorgen Fenech because of his 17 Black company and because he had bought shares in Electrogas. The question that I ask now is whether PAC chair Beppe Fenech Adami who had cut through the veiled references towards freemasonry by freemason Peralta to PN MP Karol Aquilina by saying “I don’t think freemasonry had anything to do with this project [Electrogas]” actually means that freemasons are behind Electrogas whose corrupt deal Daphne had exposed!

In his Facebook post Evarist Bartolo had recalled how back in the 1990s he had asked prime minister Eddie Fenech Adami if he deems it right that freemasons should occupy public roles like those within the judiciary. He had also recalled how he was threatened by a member of a masonic lodge after writing on the issue at the time. Can we get to know the name of this member and of which lodge? In his post Bartolo mentioned those of Marsamxett and Paola. Bartolo had written that members of a lodge had also paid him a house visit gave him some books and offered him to join but he never did. I know that this is true.

While expressing concern that powerful people in society are still enrolled with masonic lodges his Facebook post read:

“There have been masonic lodges that had magistrates, police, lawyers, and criminals who worked together so that a crime is covered and the guilty party is not caught.

You have people from sectors like the judiciary,  law, politics, business, doctors, police, education, and banking who are enrolled in the same secret society who call themselves brothers and promise to protect each other.  He said it is understandable for people to demand full transparency from government and public authorities ‘to understand better the decisions being taken.’

Because if within the same masonic lodge you have members who decide for their masonic brothers while investigating a murder handing down sentences public contracts giving loans and handing down promotions… who wins: the law and regulation which make us equal or the masonic regulation which gives advantage to their members?”

Bartolo also took to Facebook “stating that as governments come and go ‘power networks that nobody votes for remain the same.’

People in strategic positions weave webs that bring together politicians, businessmen, lawyers, notaries, and accountants. All these people work together where it suits them. He said that if institutions do not take these individuals seriously they will live on and become more powerful than government.

While the criminal webs are united those who fight against them often do this separately and tear each other apart.

Independence the Republic the closing of military bases neutrality the creation of a new economy no longer there to serve the foreign forces amongst us Malta’s entry into the European Union the growth of social services of education and of health…. All were great dreams with which we built our country on solid rock over the years ’ Bartolo said. ‘But we can lose all this if we allow the hidden webs of informal and illegal power to win over the political parties the country’s institutions…this fair land.”

Do you know what is a more grievous problem now? That slowly slowly we have got to the stage where the masonic infiltration is complete at every tier of society and that evil-doing is being done with impunity in broad daylight and goes unpunished while the innocents are being massacred. And this is not only a local scenario. But it is in every country and on a global scale. Do you see why now they need to recognise each other through a handshake in the dark and even when they go on t.v.?

Do you see the pattern that I saw in the Degiorgio brothers’ press release? Do you understand how Yorgen Fenech was framed up?
Shall we continue to replace the disorganized protoweb of the spider with the frames spokes and hub until we get to the final web?

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