My solidarity towards Patrick Dalli who shouted ‘mafia freemasonry and opus dei’ at the court.

I show my solidarity towards not only Fr David Muscat but also towards Patrick Dalli and the case of his son Jean Marc Dalli.
This is when Lady Justice turns physically and truly into a blindfolded lady so to discrimate with whom it carries out justice. This is also when Lady Justice removes the blindfold and decides with whom it carries out knowingly an injustice. As I will show you in a future piece there is one particular past court case which we have to go to and through analyse and ask questions about.

I am truly sorry that Patrick Dalli and his family albeit it was Minister Helena Dalli with her laws who took us back to the days of the Inquisition ended up being another victim of the dirty tricks of the prosecution and the police. These are the same tricks which were used against Fr David Muscat and Yorgen Fenech. Hence I explicitly say that I will keep on being of support towards these two and anyone who is becoming a discriminatory target of Lady Justice.

Oh but wait! The Chief Justice in this case was Mark Chetcuti who coincidentally happened to be the same Chief Justice who together with judges Tonio Mallia and Joseph R. Micallef presided the Court of Criminal Appeal before whom the deputy general Philip Galea Farrugia made submissions “as it continued to hear arguments in an appeal filed by the Degiorgios over their continued detention in pre-trial custody on charges of having murdered Daphne Caruana Galiza.”

Dr William Cuschieri the Degiorgio brothers’ lawyer had argued “that a balance should be struck between the importance of the case and the accused’s fundamental rights” and added that Theuma had told the Degiorgio brothers of a plan to bribe a judge although the brothers have nothing to do with this. Dr Cuschieri added that the Degiorgio brothers had made two requests for a pardon in return for evidence implicating third parties but these requests had been refused! But then Melvin Theuma was pardoned and ordered to change versions lest he keeps on revealing the freemasonry bit and giving us the freemason names.

Malta is so small. Same building with the stairs. Same Chief Justice. Different cases. But similar discriminatory sentences…

How apt was Patrick Dalli’s statement in his argument with Lady Justice when he told her:

“‘You should be ashamed of yourself!’ Dalli shouted at the judge inside the courtroom.”

‘Mafia! Mafia! Corruption freemasonry and Opus Dei! ’ he yelled as ushers rushed to contain him and escort him out of the courtroom.”

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